collaborative activity

collaborative activity

For this week’s collaborative activity, you will review Amazon’s most recent financial statements.

  • Based on your analysis of Amazon’s most recent financial statements,  predict whether Amazon’s financial health will likely improve or  deteriorate over the next five years.


Provide a rationale for your  response.

Innovative Business Case

Innovative Business Case

Developing innovative new products and services is expensive, time-consuming, and extremely risky. Most studies have indicated that the majority of development projects fail. Firms need to make difficult choices about which projects are worth the investment and which of those projects are pursued with a rigorous and well-thought-out development process.

Outline an innovation project by creating a 750- to 1,050-word business case.

Identify a company of your choice and an idea for an innovative design project that it can develop.

  • Identify why the organization is in a good position to be developing the new product or service.
  • Analyze how the new product or service fits with the company’s current strategic plan.
  • Examine the innovations that give a competitive advantage to your chosen company and whether this innovation is disruptive/revolutionary or evolutionary.
  • Examine the methods best used to choose this project and the process that will be followed to develop this idea within the company.
  • Develop a timeline that outlines the steps to develop this innovation.


 Be mindful of the organization and the project you select, because you will continue your work and research for this same project by developing an implementation plan .

Vulnerability Scans

Create A Virtual Environment And Conduct Vulnerability Scans

Assignment 1.

Create three virtual systems that meet the following criteria:

Use this naming scheme: Across The States Bank.

A Windows Server (Latest Version) (English) Domain Controller with the following services installed (at minimum):

  1. Server Role: Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) – Promote to DC
  2. Server Role: DNS Server
  3. Features: Group Policy Management

A Windows Server (Latest Version) (English) with the following services installed (at minimum):

  1. Add as member server to domain
  2. Server Role: Application Server
  3. Server Role: Web Server
  4. Features: .Net Framework
  5. Role Services: Web Server (IIS) Support

A Windows Server (Latest Version) (English) with the following services installed (at minimum):

  1. Add as member server to domain
  2. Default installation


Do not install antivirus software or install system updates at this time.

Assignment 2. Dependent on Assignment 1.

During this assignment, students will conduct a vulnerability assessment based on various security frameworks using an industry standard vulnerability scanner. The scan will be conducted on all three Windows Servers within your virtual environment created in the Topic 1 assignment.

Part 1

  1. Download and install Nessus Essentials (free) vulnerability scanner on your Windows Standard Server.
  2. Conduct a vulnerability scan on all three servers.
  3. In a 250- to 500-word technical report, summarize the findings, to include the number of critical vulnerabilities discovered. Make sure to include screen shots of the completed scans.

Part 2

  1. Perform a Windows update on all three servers. Make sure that you have completely updated each server with all applicable patches, service packs, and security updates.
  2. Conduct a second vulnerability scan on all three servers.
  3. Compare the results of your first scan with the second scan after updates. What was the percentage of improvements?
  4. In the same report, present a 250- to 500-word summary of the findings, including the percentage of reduced vulnerabilities. Make sure to include screenshots of the completed scans.


Personal Finance

Seminar In Personal Finance

The purpose of the midterm is to step back from the specific personal finance products and services and consider the question of how to develop a winning personal financial plan. The midterm requires you to write approximately four pages(double-spaced) and answer the following questions:
1. Assuming the average American consumer does not actively develop a personal financial plan, who is most likely to influence personal financial decision. Provide three examples of so called “financial advisors” one would meet along as consumers become adults and consume financial products. From mortgages, to the credit card offers in student unions, to the cashier offering an extended warranty – use these and other examples and explain if these individuals are likely to have your best interest in mind at the point of purchase.
2. Explore the resources American consumers have to develop a financial plan and educate themselves regarding the purchase of financial products. Using examples of both small and large financial product decisions, provide a description of what an informed consumer would look like. What resources would they consult prior to purchase and how do those resource help that consumer make informed and wise choices consistent with their financial goals?
3. Consider why some people are not deliberate in making a personal financial plan. What forces work against making informed financial decisions?

 Ethical challenges of Uber

 Ethical challenges of Uber

Explain how you performed your research for the project with the use of a minimum of 5 different research sources. The names of these research sources can be a website, a book, an eBook, a journal or a newspaper article.  Do not give the website URL address in this section.  Only state the names of the research sources you have found so far.  The following are a list of questions you may use as a template for writing this section of the research project.
What libraries and databases did you use to perform your research on the ethical challenges of Uber?
 What keywords did you use to find sources for your research on the ethical challenges of Uber?
 What is the name of the sources of information that will be helpful in your understanding of the differences between an independent contractor and an employee? Which database did you use to find this source?

Thesis statement

Thesis statement

Research Project: Outline Assignment Instructions

You must create an outline that includes a thesis statement, the research questions/issues being addressed, how much space will be allotted for each section of the paper, and a preliminary reference list of at least 20 scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals. All references must be less than 10 years old. When the assignment is returned, read all instructor feedback in order to implement it on future assignments.

What to consider in the outline:

  1. What is the topic?
  2. Why is it significant?
  3. What background material is relevant?
  4. What is your thesis or purpose statement?
  5. What organizational plan will best support your purpose?
  6. How much space is estimated per section?

*Also consider the elements noted on the Research Project Assignment Instructions when completing your outline.


  1. Belcher, W. L. (2009). Week 6: Strengthening your structure. Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks: A Guide to Academic Publishing Success (9th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. ISBN:
  2. Please review the items under Additional Recourses found in the assignment.

Full Sentence Outline:

The full sentence outline format is essentially the same as the alphanumeric outline. The main difference, as the title suggests, is that full sentences are required at each level of the outline. This outline is most often used when preparing a traditional essay.

Thesis Statement:

Questions/Issues Being Addressed:

  1.  Man-made pollution is the primary cause of global warming.
  2. Greenhouse gas emissions are widely identified by the scientific community to be harmful (Smith, 2014).
  3. The burning of coal and fossil fuels are the primary releasers of hazardous greenhouse gases.

Full sentence outlines are often accompanied with a current APA reference list on a separate page. Quotes within the outline must also utilize current APA format with in-text citations.




Click on the hyper text to visit this website on how to read gendered messages in advertisements and then complete the following assignment:

Sexism is manifested in magazines through the unrealistic portrayal of men and women. Men are often portrayed as “supermen” who are physically strong, brave, and powerful. Women, on the other hand, are portrayed as perpetually beautiful, perfectly shaped, young, sex objects. Our self-image, what we want, and what we need are influenced by advertisements.

Your assignment is to locate at least 3 print or web advertisements in different genres of as possible (a variety of topics such as: sports, news, women’s, men’s, trade, hobby). Finally answer the following questions in essay format for each advertisement:

  • Is the major character in the ad female, male, or are both included?
  • What product is the ad selling?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What activity is illustrated in the ad?
  • Is either gender involved in some activity? What type?
  • What are the individuals in the ad wearing?
  • Are the individuals portrayed in the ad given an active or passive role? (By active I mean are they “actively” engaged in an activity of importance, by “passive” I mean is their presence in the ad irrelevant or insignificant to the purpose of the message being given.)
  • What is the message of the ad?
  • In the illustrations, are there main characters in a story? If so, who is taking an active role, a passive role? Who is portrayed as a problem solver or a decision maker?
  • List the different occupations portrayed for females and males. Are they stereotyped?

Based on your findings you will write an essay summarizing the results. As you write your paper, please consider, whether you feel the characteristics you noticed are realistic or stereotypical?


Your paper should be a minimum of 3 pages in length, double spaced, with appropriate margins and font size.


Tests of Design and Tests of Effectiveness

Tests of Design and Tests of Effectiveness

Part A


Differentiating between Design Tests and Effectiveness Tests may seem straightforward; however, based on previous students’ examinations, these concepts seem to be elusive.

The purpose of this assignment is for you to clarify your understanding of these concepts.


 1.Explain the following concepts in your own words.  Do not use any quotes in your explanations.

    1. Internal Control Design Test
    2. Internal Control In-Effect Test
    3. Internal Control Effectiveness Test

Do this in no more than 5 sentences per Test; however, 2 or 3 sentences are better than 5.  In other words, do not write a paper; just define the Test.

In the case of the Design Test, how do you confirm the adequacy of the Design of the Internal Control?

Clearly differentiate between the In Effect Test and the Effectiveness Test.


  1. Linford & Co is a midwestern CPA firm.  Googling Internal Controls, previous students have landed on Linford’s webpages.  See the 2 items below:
  1. In the past, Linford & Co llp associated the Test of Design with a Balance Sheet. Does this make sense?  Explain your answer
  2. “In summary, testing the design of a control is a ‘point in time’ test.(1) Testing the operating effectiveness of an internal control is testing the control operation over a period of time (typically looking back 12 months), which would require sample testing.”


Linford & Co. makes several assertions regarding Tests of Design and Tests of Effectiveness.  Please reconcile the two Linford & Co assertions with class discussion.

 1.If the Effectiveness Test concludes that the Internal Control is not effective, what factors might cause the ineffectiveness of the Internal Control?

Submission Form and Format:

  1. Limit your response to a single single-spaced page.
  2. Use the outline above for your response, i.e., Q01, Q02, Q03.
  3. Format your response suitable for submission to a Board and business executives, i.e., no “white paper”

(What is ‘White Paper?’  White paper is exactly that, a blank sheet of paper with nothing on it, which is the problem.  Supposing you prepared a report for work, submitted it and the recipient had no idea from whom it came.  Why, because it was on ‘white paper.’  How would the recipient know from whom it came?

‘White paper’ is a blank sheet.  Whenever, wherever, you submit a document, a report, an EXCEL spreadsheet, include at least the following:

  • Author,
  • Title,
  • Date and
  • Page numbering

I prefer Page x of y, where x is the page number and y is the total number of pages.  In Microsoft office, these are both automatic fields.

How this is done depends on the situation.  Does the business have an established format for its documents?  If not, then use your own format.  Regardless of the format, have a standard for your work.  When I was a student, all papers had to follow the Tarabian (U of Chicago) format.  I don’t know if that is still the case.

However, having a format for your documents, is an excellent professional practice.  From there, you can adapt to the local situations as needed.

Pick a format.  Decide on the items to include.  Adapt to a local standard if there is one.  In any case, no more ‘white paper’ submissions.   — Jerry Savin)




Honduras Gangs

Honduras Gangs

Watch the corresponding film (Honduras)


write a 250 word reaction.

inheritance conflicts

inheritance conflicts

1. Discuss and explain the inherent conflicts associated with police as intelligence gatherers.

2. Explain the Wiretap Statute and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Find and cite a case in which a person(s) is charged with abuse of either the Wiretap Statute or the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Please give your opinion on whether you agree or disagree with the verdict or charges. (Use FindLaw or other online search engines to find case law).


each question 250 words and 2 references