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Advanced encryption standards 

Advanced encryption standards Analyze the structure of advanced encryption standards and why it makes it so strong. You must use at least one scholarly resource. Note Every discussion posting must be properly APA formatted.

American Government

American Government Select an issue that’s important in America today and choose an interest group that has taken on that issue. What tactics and methods do they use to influence policy? Note Make sure to include a news article from the last eight weeks of this group in action. Do not get sidetracked in discussions […]

expectations of standards of behavior

expectations of standards of behavior • Explain the doctrine of employment-at-will, and its relationship with wrongful discharge. Several steps ensure the successful development and implementation of policies and procedures. Identify the process. What must an organization do in order to become an “employer of choice?” • What would be typically included in an “expectations of standards of […]


Cyber Security An attack is the act that takes advantage of a vulnerability to compromise an asset, thus resulting in a loss. It is accompanied by a threat-agent that denies, damages or steals an organization’s information or physical asset. A vulnerability is an identified weakness in a system, where controls are not present, or not effective or have become obsolete. Below […]