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Learned needs theory states

Learned needs theory states 1.Learned needs theory states that needs can be strengthened or weakened. How might a company strengthen the achievement needs of its management team? (Define the three needs, then answer through your definition) 2.All exhibit various levels of the three learned needs. Which of the learned needs do you exhibit primarily, and […]

state law making

state law making Pretend you’re a Supreme Court Justice.  What arguments might you hear AGAINST a state law making it illegal for women to be completely topless in public areas?  What arguments might you hear DEFENDING such a law?  What would be your decision? Note (One page)

impact of false confessions

impact of false confessions Discuss the case United States v. Russell, 411 U.S. 423 (1973) and be sure to include the following:  What were the facts behind the illegal search, seizure or arrest?  What constitutional amendment was violated?  Did the Court agree to the exclusion of the evidence obtained from the illegal search?  What was […]

impact of employee disengagement

impact of employee disengagement Overview In Milestone One, as an HR consultant, you submitted a change readiness report. While you were performing your change readiness assessment, five employees from the U.S. call center quit as a group, along with the well-liked team lead. Top management is very concerned about this sudden incident. The VP has […]

leader to initiate a change effort

Leadership In Module Six (6-1 Discussion), you will discuss a leader of your choice who has led a change effort. Note To prepare for this upcoming assignment, choose a leader and research them in order to find information about them to answer the questions below. What were the drivers or reasons for the leader to […]

Physical Geography

Physical Geography After learning about the Hellenistic Age (Chapter 4 lecture), answer the following question. Follow the directions carefully in order to receive full credit. Chapter 4 Lecture Question: What was the Hellenistic Age and how did it come to be? Directions for Answering the Question: Using information from the lecture, Explain what the Hellenistic […]

health disparities

addressing health disparities Please include the following points in your paper: Explain the term ‘cultural proficiency ’in your own words (remember to cite your references correctly using APA 7th Ed). Include other terms that are used interchangeably with ‘ cultural proficiency’ Explain why cultural proficiency on its own cannot address the issues of health disparities or social determinants of […]


Microeconomics Topic: Recently there has been discussion in the news about taxing junk food (soft drinks, for example) in an effort to reduce the incidence of obesity in the U.S. Do you think the demand for junk food is elastic or inelastic with respect to price? Based on your knowledge of the price elasticity of […]

Interest Rates

Interest Rate and Stock Valuation Risk And Returns Interest Rates Many managers do not understand the various ways that interest rates can affect business decisions. For example, if your company decided to build a plant with a 30-year life and short-term debt financing (renewed annually), the cost of the plant could skyrocket if interest rates […]

Dominant privilege’s

Dominant privilege’s Students must identify and explore the privileges they receive from belonging to at least 5 Dominant Groups and identify the potential oppression their privileges cause others around them who do not belong to their dominant group.  Additionally, students must identify and explore the oppression they experience by belonging to 3 “social minority groups” […]