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Environmental Issue

Environmental Issue Think about an environmental issue that is of concern to you, your community, or someone you know. Please describe the following:     What the issue is     Which domain it is in     Which type of hazard it is     What the primary medium of exposure is Note Minimum 200 to 300 hundred […]

political beliefs and opinions

political beliefs and opinions The Question: How do people form their political beliefs and opinions? Explain the process and the factors that affect it. Do you think it’s possible for an adult to radically change their opinion on a major issue? Explain. Instructions:  Please submit your response that completely answers the essay question below. Use […]

criminal justice issue

criminal justice issue The topic selected for the Final Project is inappropriate or inordinate utilization of force. Introduction A. Describe the criminal justice issue you have selected. Specifically, how is this an issue in the field of criminal justice, what is the general impact of the issue on society, and why does the problem need […]

Target Marketing

Target Marketing Is Target Marketing Ever Bad? As marketers increasingly tailor marketing programs to target market segments, some critics have denounced these efforts as exploitative. They see the preponderance of billboards advertising cigarettes and alcohol in low-income urban areas as taking advantage of a vulnerable market segment. Critics can be especially harsh in evaluating marketing […]

elements of Computer Software Security

elements of Computer Software Security Discuss the critical elements of Computer Software Security. Note in a 1 to 2 page APA format paper. References must not be more than 5 years old and no more than one entity source and no more than one N.D source.

 Social Emotional Development

 Social Emotional Development Cultural behaviors and practices vary dramatically around the globe, though no one practice is more effective than the other. These cultural behaviors and practices not only enrich the lives of children but also impact child development, group dynamics, and all aspects related to thinking (e.g., decision making). Thus, all domains of psychology—affective, […]

power structures

Power Structure In The Baroque Era Although the power structures are different from contemporary society, the dynamics of power and privilege are evident in the life and work of poet Phillis Wheatley, composer Barbara Strozzi (1619–1677), and artist Betty Ratcliffe (c. 1735–c. 1810). Ironically, the young Wheatley lived with limited privilege, but still enjoyed some […]

A Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

A Personal Philosophy Of Nursing Write your overview of your personal philosophy of nursing. Your Reasons for choosing Nursing profession, Your Essence of Nursing: Correlate historical, ethical, and political factors influencing professional nursing practice. Your Beliefs and Values: What do you believe the core of nursing is and should be. Your believe about patients, your believes about the patient’s […]

social attacks against humans

social attacks against humans Healthcare cyber-attacks and their mitigation techniques in Industry 4.0 is the topic selected. Advanced threats and attacks have developed by cyber criminals unaware of healthcare professionals. I want to address the latest threats and mitigation strategies that help healthcare organizations and patients secure their information. Cybercriminals believe the healthcare industry is […]

crime scene investigation

crime scene investigation The International Association for Identification offers a well-regarded certification program for crime scene investigators. Please visit their website at  www.theiai.org and research information of this organization. Write a 2 page paper in proper MLA format with proper references discussing the following: What is the history of the IAI? How and why was it started? […]