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Mobile platform vulnerabilities

Mobile platform vulnerabilities There are many mobile platform vulnerabilities listed in the readings . Which do you feel is the greatest threat to users? Do you agree that people generally are not aware of the threats to their mobile devices? Instructions Discussion 300 Words

Hospital compliance department

Hospital compliance department You work in a hospital compliance department. A patient who was recently discharged from the hospital comes into the office to report that he believes his health information was disclosed without his authorization to his employer. Assume that he was not hospitalized for a work-related injury. What options can you offer to […]


Ethical need in the pediatric setting Write a paper reviewing a peer-reviewed article about an ethical need in the Pediatric setting. It can be home care, acute care, or general care. The student will find the article. The instructor recommends search words such as Ethics, Ethical care, Pediatric, Child, infant, adolescent, children, ethical issues, nursing care, etc., […]

Ethics in the HR profession

Ethics in the HR profession The Director of Human Resources at Green Branch Coffee was impressed with the first part of your executive report on ethics in the HR profession. She would like you to create a policy for employee use of technology because new sources of social media and more advanced electronic devices are […]

Crime And Justice

Theories Of Crime And Justice The documentary link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cbax9v9N_bU Short Response 1: In 1971, Philip Zimbardo’s The Stanford Prison Experiment demonstrated the power of the situation and the interaction between social interaction and social structure. After viewing the documentary, if you had been a guard, do you think you would have been more likely to go […]

Operations Management

Operations Management Course Integration Imagine you are running a business. How could you apply the operations management lessons from strategic capacity planning to your small business. Instructions Use sound operations management principals. Write a post of at least 350 words backing your ideas with sited references.


SAN TRADER Listen to this podcast on Trader Joes food market answer these questions What did they do that was unique? Why did they do it? (original target market) How can they expand? Visit Trader Joe’s website  What appeals to you? Note in about 250 words.

Amazons leadership principle

Amazons leadership principle Listen to the podcast above and answer these questions with an answer of about 75 words for each, you can go as long as you need. 1. Can Amazon’s leadership principles work in your current or a past organization? Explain. 2. What does customer obsession mean to you? 3. How can “Stubborn […]

Encryption Technology

latest advances in encryption technologies What are some of the latest advances in encryption technologies? Note Conduct some independent research on encryption using scholarly or practitioner resources, then write a two pages paper that describes at least two new advances in encryption technology. Instructions Prepare a summary of issues related to Encryption Technology. Consider and […]

The context of American history

The context of American history What do you think freedom means in the context of American history? Instructions Do write at least 250 words Don’t write more than 500 words Do use your own words — I want to know what you have to say! Don’t look anything up. There are no right or wrong answers to this question. Your […]