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Relationships in educational institutions Discussion Question: Relationships between specific higher education teaching and learning contexts and their influence on the educational institution. Please describe what is meant by teaching context and explore how it impacts organizational culture in systems of higher education. Note Must be at 300 words. Discussion Question: Continuing the exploration of the […]

Effect of antecedents

 Effect of antecedents mediators and interventions and their relationship to employee misbehavior Prompt: Review the discussion of the effect of antecedents, mediators, and interventions and their relationship to employee misbehavior. You will find Exhibit 8.2 in the Ivancevich et al. text helpful in this review.  Then, review the biblical texts: Luke 6:27-49 and Galatians 5:1-26. […]


Economist website Go to The Economist website and search for the Big Mac Index for a recent time period. Compare the Purchasing Power of the United States with another country. Try to choose a country with which you are not very familiar. What does this parity say about the potential standard of living in the country you chose? […]

shifting of industries

shifting of manufacturing industries abroad Over several decades, some industries, such as textile and clothing, which were once a significant part of the U.S. economy, have shifted manufacturing abroad. Using the idea of opportunity cost, provide an explanation of the reasoning behind this shift. How has this shift affected economic well-being locally? How do the […]

Bedside Manner Matters

Bedside Manner Matters Review the following video  and answer the accompanying questions below carefully https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6iSTf7uMX0 Note NO CONSIDERATION FOR PLAGIARISM APA FORMAT AND INDEX CITATION PLEASE WRITE FROM NURSING PERSPECTIVE REFERENCE two pages Answer the below questions regarding the video, Bedside Manner Matters. How has healthcare changed throughout the years? What can you do to […]

leadership skills

Principles of Healthcare Leadership Chapter 3 of Principles of Healthcare Leadership discusses four necessary leadership skills. For your Module 1 Case assignment, review these four necessary leadership skills and conduct additional research. complete the following: Explain the difference between leadership and management. Provide an example for each. Identify and explain each leadership skill in detail. […]

Criminal Justice

Quantitative methods in Criminal Justice What are the strengths and weaknesses of using quantitative methods in Criminal Justice? How can academicians use data analysis to inform public decisions and educate public leaders on the application of quantitative methods?

Business Continuity And Disaster

Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Plans Scenario You are an IT system manager working for  the KION Group with the main headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.  Forklift trucks and warehouse automation equipment are the company’s  main products. A disaster that destroys half or all of a  modern business’s data center is the worst-case scenario. This includes […]

Change proposal

Change proposal professional presentation Review the feedback on the change proposal professional presentation and make required adjustments to the presentation. Present your evidence-based intervention and change proposal to an inter professional audience of leaders and stakeholders. Be prepared to answer questions and accept feedback. After presenting your capstone project change proposal, write a 250-350 word […]

An association between diabetes and eye diseases

An association between diabetes and eye diseases You are a licensed practical nurse (LPN) working in an eye surgery center. A new client with type 2 diabetes mellitus presents to the office, referred by their primary care provider. Consider the association between diabetes and eye diseases.  discuss the following questions: Diabetes increases the risk of […]