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health care

Important for a person working in health care to understand statistical concepts Discuss why it is important for a person working in health care to understand statistical concepts. Provide an example of how statistical data is used in your organization or specialty area today and what you are expected to do with this information as […]

critique your session

critique your session After securing consent, create a minimum of at least one 20-minute audio or video recording of at least one of your client sessions. The session can be an intake interview or a planning and/or adjustment counseling session. After completing your recording, review your session and prepare a self-evaluation/critique of the session that […]

Analytical unit

Analytical unit students will be required to develop a proposal of guidelines for starting an “analytical unit” within a police department. Your proposal should include the following: Mission, goals, and objectives Role of analysis within the department Staffing Procedures Training Expected productsInstructions: The body of the final paper must be between 8 pages in length […]

Hostile work environment

Hostile work environment Imagine you are the HR manager at a company, and a female employee came to you upset because she felt a male coworker was creating a hostile work environment by repeatedly asking her out on dates even after she said “no.” What would you do? Write a plan for how you would […]

Organizational structure of emergency response

Organizational structure of emergency response at the local tribal state and federal levels Overview: You are required to research and explain the organizational structure of emergency response at the local, tribal, state and federal levels. The students will recognize and describe key differences at all levels. Examples of private or non-profit response organizations shall be […]

Nurse pay

Nurse pay 1.  What are your thoughts about the current pay for nurses today? 2.  Do you think the nurse pay is comparable to other medical specialty salaries? 3.  Discuss what tips you.ve gained from the reading and salary estimator that you would use in negotiating your next salary or pay raise?

Perspectives on Culinary History

Perspectives on Culinary History THE BOOK NAME Yong Chen. 2014. Chop Suey, USA : The Story of Chinese Food in America. Arts and Traditions of the Table: Perspectives on Culinary History. New York: Columbia University Press. Summary. Summarize the book very briefly.  What is the book about?  What time period, event, controversy, person, etc. does it […]

Film Wizard Of Oz

Film Wizard Of Oz Chapters 9 – 11 Choose a film we viewed in this class.  Make sure to state the title in your response. Name the genre of the film, indicate one convention of each: character, plot, theme, and iconography that are distinctive of the genre. Then, for each convention you select, show how the […]


Drugs It is nearly impossible to learn EVERYTHING about EVERY SINGLE drug we encounter. While it is important for us to look up select information about unfamiliar medications we administer, we can know the general indications and nursing interventions related to a drug if we learn key information about the drug classifications. For this assignment, […]

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires that specific topics be covered in an Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting. The IEP team consists of general education teachers, special education teachers, a psychologist or counselor, administrators, parents/guardians, speech therapist, occupational therapist, and on occasion, the student and student advocate. Typically, […]