Cyber Crime Technology Project

Cyber Crime Technology Project

In Week 4, you will be provided with 4 topics involving cybercrime technology. Like in a criminal justice professional conference seminar, you will pick the lectures that you wish to attend. You will select 1 of the 4 topics for the lecture that you will be attending. (Note: Do not select the same topic you selected for your Discussion Board assignment)


Selecting 1 of the 4 topics, you will be required to submit a 600–850 word minimum for your Individual Project After Action White Paper. Please format your references in the APA Manual format and make sure that you cite each reference at least one time in the text of your paper in proper APA Manual citation format. The word count for your paper will not include the references or the title page.

  • You are encouraged to do research on the topic from other sources you find.
  • The paper should encapsulate what you learned to provide your agency members (classmates) and the command staff on what you would like to bring back to enhance how the agency functions.
  • You will comment on the data and identify the strengths and weaknesses you saw when attending the seminar (reading the reference paper).

Note: All of these topic paper references are in the AIU Library.

Topic 1: Cyber-Terrorism: Finding a Common Starting Point

Biller, Jeffrey Thomas.The George Washington University, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2012. 1515265.

Topic 2: The Behavioral Intelligence Paradigm Shift in Fighting Cyber-Crime: Counter-Measures, Innovation, and Regulation Issues.

  • Author: Baumard, Phillipe
  • Source: International Journal on Criminology. Spring2014, Vol. 2 Issue 1, p11-21. 11p.

Topic 3: The Cyber Defence Landscape – A Constantly Changing and Dynamic War Fighting Environment.

  • Author: Cunningham, Chase
  • Source: Military Technology. 2013, Vol. 37 Issue 11, p89-91. 3p.


Congressional Documents and Publications; Washington, D.C.: Washington: Federal Information & News Dispatch, LLC. (Sep 30, 2015)

life experiences

life experiences

Describe how your life experiences influenced your decision to pursue a pharmacy career and desire to serve in rural areas. How you will contribute to a successful career in pharmacy and your interest or commitment to serving in rural areas or medically underserved areas or populations. Include any significant volunteering, extracurricular, employment or academic experiences that reinforce and/or demonstrate your commitment to these communities. Describe how you envision contributing to health equity as a pharmacist in these communities.


(max 700 words)





Now that you have identified the topic of your business report and the type of research you will be conducting (primary, secondary), please submit a summary of your research.


1. Submit a review of at least two articles (or review of company financials/strategic plan/other relevant company documents that make sense for you to review).

Minimum 250 words (about half a page with no spaces) per article
Include a link to the article/document for me to access as part of your review
2. ONLY IF APPLICABLE to your business report: Submit a list of your survey questions to be used in primary research.

Identify who your target population is for the survey
How you will distribute the survey
Target number of surveys you would like to collect
I recommend not using more than 10 questions in a survey

Technology and culture

Technology and culture

As healthcare has evolved so has the concept of a patient or consumer of healthcare. Technology and culture are among the many variables that have affected our concept of a healthcare patient.

Consider these items among the others noted in your text:

Software Development Life Cycle

Software Development Life Cycle

Review the course learning resources and, as necessary, conduct additional research to complete this assignment. In a 5-page MS Word document, explain each phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Include the following components:

  1. Cover Page (does not count towards the page length requirement)
  2. Explain the SDLC
  3. Explain the benefits and criticisms of the SDLC
  4. For each phase of the SLDC:
    • Describe the purpose
    • Explain inputs and outputs
    • Explain roles and responsibilities


  1. Reference Page (does not count towards the page length requirement)

Privacy And Societal Implications Of Using Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality In Education

Privacy And Societal Implications Of Using Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality In Education

 The use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in education provides better student engagement and a fascinating learn by doing instructions It also helps educational institutions in students recruitment and retention. However, using VR/AR may not be always advantageous. For instance, VR and AR technologies can collect far more personal information than traditional systems. Also, VR and AR technologies can collect biometric data used in authentication systems by scanning retinal and Irises of individuals. Design and conduct a study to investigate the following:

1. Investigate and summarize the VR and AR technologies hardware and software components especially the ones used in education.

2. How AR and VR technologies are used by students and educators in Education? e.g., Virtual Classroom, virtual assignments, field trips, etc. Identify all possible scenarios and discuss their impact on learning outcomes.

3. Identify the security, privacy and societal issues of VR and AR in Education including how these technologies can be misused and/or abused. How these affect learning outcomes and student assessment and other aspects? Solution to resolve these issues.

4. What others have done to address this issue? For example, any previous efforts to study the use of VR and AR in education? Any previous efforts to resolve the privacy, security and society issues in using VR an AR in education? (last 3 years)

5. Design and conduct a survey on students and educators to measure the following (1) students and educators’ familiarity with the use of AR/VR in education? (2) students’ and educators’ awareness of the security, privacy and societal implications. (3) students and educators knowledge on how to resolve these issues.

6. Analyze the study results and come up with a list of recommendations for educators and students


Your paper should address the topic based on the concepts and techniques learned in the course. Your paper should describe three most important literature and recent sources. Reference should be in APA style.

Paper Outline:

• Abstract (5 pts) •

Introduction [Describe the problem and your paper goal] (5 pts)

• Motivation [Discuss importance of online tools in education] (5 pts)

• Related Work [Question 3] (5 pts)

• Study Approach [Answer Questions 4 here, and list your study method questions] (30 pts)

• Study Method [ What were the details of the study design? Participants? Tasks? Environment? Procedure? Data collected? Analysis method?] (20 pts)

• Study Results [Question 5. What results and/or findings came out of the study?] (20 pts)

• Discussion [Did you find any interesting insights or implications based on this work? Any future work plans? Recommendations?] (5 pts)

• Claims/Conclusion. [ What key claims and findings that support these claims? Also, list other contributions] (5 pts)

Term paper is automatically checked for plagiarism

Agile Manifesto

Agile Manifesto

Using the Principles Behind the Agile Manifesto from the 4/16 lecture (AgileScrum.pptx in the Lectures folder), please answer the following:

What type of role and work setting do you hope to work in after you complete your collegiate studies?

Which one of the 12 Agile Principles would be your first choice in adapting towards your work setting?

Why is that principle important to you?


I need 220 words