Think about shapes you see every day in the world around you. Your computer monitor is likely a three-dimensional rectangular shape. The cake from your friend’s wedding was probably a stack of circular cylinders decorated for the special occasion. The tortilla chips you ate while watching TV last week were likely a triangular shape.

Research a geometrically shaped object to share with the class. Think notable, unique, interesting, but not too familiar. Yes, the planets and moon, but also consider architectural shapes like the White House, the Egyptian pyramids, and Bermuda Triangle are notable but are commonly known. Please look for something unique or lesser-known to share. It can be a monument, building, natural phenomenon, famous place, artworks, etc. Consider your country of origin for possible objects.

Shape of your choosing: Circular or three-dimension shapes like cylindrical, spherical, and conical).

Shapes composed mainly of your assigned shape but with other shapes included are acceptable. Remember to cite your sources using current APA formatting.


Your assignment should be 250-300 words and respond to the following prompts.

  1. Include a photo(s) and direct URL in the post. Be sure to include these in your APA reference(s).
  2. Give the background and a list of facts about it, including at least one cited source. Include things like:
    1. Where is it located?
    2. Who designed it and when? Or was it naturally created?
    3. How was it discovered?
    4. Did a famous event occur there?
    5. Is it associated with a famous/historical person?
    6. Is there anything unusual about it?
  3. Why did you choose it? Include things like:
    1. Did you read about it in a book or see it in a movie?
    2. Did you find something interesting about it?
    3. Have you ever been to it?
  4. State one appropriate measurement (perimeter, area, surface area, volume, etc.) that could theoretically be computed on your assigned shape.


Give the general formula for that measurement. Be sure to include the appropriate units for this measurement using feet, inches, etc. as the base unit.