Evidence-Based Practice

Applying Research to a Case Study (Evidence-Based Practice)

To Prepare

Assignment (5 pages)

Using the Final Project Template along with Parts 1 and 2, develop the final polished submission of your Annotated Bibliography in an APA formatted paper. Make sure to include the following:

  • Introduction which includes an overview of your chosen case study, client, intervention, and mental health issue.
  • Approved Research Question.
  • Search Strategy.
  • Summaries of three scholarly articles that include Problem/Purpose, Research Question, Ethical and Cultural Considerations, Sampling, Methodology, Strengths and Limitations and the Results.
  • Evidence based practice section including summary of the findings of all articles and the answer to your research question.
  • Treatment Plan or Action Plan (for school counselors) for the selected client in the case study
  • Use Parts 1 and 2 and any previous instructor feedback to guide the development of your paper.


Be sure to support your Final Project assignment with specific references to the Learning Resources as well as your research. Use proper APA format and citations.

The Required Media is the document called “Required Resource” Below