Global warming

Global warming

Discussion :

One of the major ecological and planetary issues facing modern society is the changes that are and will come due to global warming (as an aside: I feel the term “climate change,” while more technically correct, obfuscates the urgency of the problem, so I do not like to use it). Sea level rise affects over one in three human beings and they are using science to combat it in different ways. In addition to rising oceans, we will also have to deal with things like desertification, permafrost melting, and other potential challenges to our way of life.

In your main post write at least 400 words that describe a population dealing with climate change, and cite the sources you use. Make sure to discuss how climate is affecting them now and how the situation expected to change in the future. Mention any geological or ecological factors that make this population susceptible to global warming (Florida is particularly affected because of sandy soil and frequent storms, for example). Also discuss any preventative technologies the residents are employing to try and reverse the effects.


You may not choose Florida or the coastal U.S. in general. Do a little research and choose a group of people with whom we may be less familiar. You can choose Americans in the interior (who will have to deal with global warming, too), but make sure to not repeat topics your classmates have already posted about.

(DO NOT PICK Nigeria because it is already taken)