Health Reforms

Health Reform Paper Grading Guideline

Final Paper Health Reform Paper Grading Guideline

HPRS 3301 – Health Care Reform Paper (Possible Points – 100)


Assignment: Respond to the Readings and develop an approximately 5 page response to Health Care Reform comparing and contrasting the World Prosperity Org. viewpoint with Institute of Medicine viewpoint. Utilize appropriate APA Format, grammar, and spelling.  Click the link to view the grading rubric.


The following is a guideline for your use to write your paper.

I. CONTENT (60 points)

A. Synopsis of the two viewpoints (30 points)

1. Brief summary of the 2020 Global Healthcare Outlook

2. Brief summary of Institute Of Medicine’s Viewpoint on Healthcare Reform (Found in Chapters 2 & 9 of Crossing the Quality Chasm:  (>/> )

B. Analysis (30 points)

1. Comparisons- list and describe the similarities you find in the two views.

2. Contrasts – list and describe how the two views are different


A.  Give a short comment on your view point (opinion) to Health Care Reform

1. Express your personal reaction, personal experiences, your thoughts and ideas you had while reading the two view points.

2. Give reasons for your comments; be persuasive with your argument(s) to backup your reactions.

3. You may bring in other references that you have read during this course work to backup your opinion(s).


A. Content is clearly stated and well organized to the above requirements. B. Grammar and spelling are correct.

C. Well developed draft submitted to Safe Assign; % matching revised/edited/cited.

IV. Written in APA Format (10 points)

A. References (last page) are in correct APA style with APA heading B. Citations within the body of the paper are correct to APA style at less than 20% matching in Safe Assign.  Less is better. C. Paper length – 5  written pages of content (Title page and Reference page are not included in this page restriction). D. Double spaced with each page numbered, Times New Roman 12 point font, other per APA guidelines.