Humanities Knowledge Assessment

Humanities Knowledge Assessment


Essay Directions:


Utilizing information learned in HCC humanities classes, write an essay addressing the following prompt statement.


Discuss an important concept or prominent figure from one of the disciplines of the humanities; visual art, music, dance, theatre, literature, religion or philosophy. The essay should utilize core terminology/vocabulary of the selected discipline in the discussion of the concept or prominent figure. Your essay should be formatted as follows: Typed. Two pages/500 word minimum; double-spaced; 12 pt Times New Roman font; 1” margins.


Essays will be evaluated on the following criteria:


Knowledge and understanding of topic.

Ability to provide specific reasons of why topic is being discussed.

Use of frequent and direct references to main topic discussion points.

Use of Standard English writing conventions.

Essays will be evaluated on the following criteria:


IDEAS–focus on topic; effective support; explains & discusses main points

ORGANIZATION–underlying plan to guide reader; progresses logically

WORDING / DICTION–clear, straight-forward, lacks wordiness & inappropriate expressions

SENTENCES–clear & well constructed; avoids fragments & run-ons; variety in structure & length

GRAMMAR–reflects standard written English; spelling & punctuation do not interfere with meaning