Each and every one of us struggles with writing at some time or another. Some of us have trouble writing a sympathy note. Others have trouble writing evaluation letters when we are in supervisory positions. Whatever our individual struggles are it is helpful to identify the specific struggles. We may not be able to turn the struggles into advantages but identifying them will let us know where we need to spend our energy.

This is the first of four discussion boards (DB) in the course. Each of the four DBs will have a specific focus and instructions. The format will remain the same. Each person will write about a specific topic and post it. Each person will then read the posts of two (2) peers and respond to them.  More specific instructions for DB #1 follow.


For the initial post:

  • Identify your three (3) biggest struggles/challenges with writing.
  • Explain how these struggles have impacted your past experiences with writing.
  • The length of this discussion is to be 250-300 words.
  • Two (2) references are required for the initial DB post. You may use your textbook as a reference, but it does not count towards the minimum required references. References for Discussion Boards must also adhere to the APA Manual 7th edition formatting.