Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy

Case Questions

Please answer the following case questions. Your answers should be thoughtful, logical and well articulated. Each answer should be at least 50 words.

  1. What characteristics of the restaurant market made it difficult for a reservation system to work?
  2. How did OpenTable change its marketing strategy to succeed?
  3. Why would restaurants find the SaaS model very attractive?
  4. What challenges does OpenTable face?

“Elemica: Cooperation, Collaboration, and Community” Case Questions


  • Your answers to the below questions must include data, reason and/or logic that effectively validates your comment. Please provide examples, even if not specifically requested.
  • You are encouraged to include other outside sources in your responses as backup data. Please cite any and all additional sources used. You do not need to site the course text when.
  • All answers must be at least 50 words in length, more if necessary to answer the question in a quality way.

Question 1:

If you were a small chemical company, what concerns would you have about joining Elemica?

Question 2:

Elemica provides a community for participants where they can transact, coordinate, and cooperate to produce products for less. Yet these firms also compete with one another when they sell chemicals to end-user firms in the automobile, airline, and manufacturing industries. How is this possible? Please provide at least three realistic, hypothetical examples in your answer.

Question 3:

How does the purchase of Elemica by Thoma Bravo, a private equity firm, change how Elemica fits into the B2B framework?