Need To Be More Active In Organizations

Need To Be More Active In Organizations

You have identified great organizations. You mentioned you are a member of the organizations but are you active with them? Are you part of a committee or participate in other organizational activities? Doing so can help build networking and help with participating in advocacy at a higher level.


Use an APA 7 style and a minimum of 250 words. Provide support from a minimum of at least three (3) scholarly sources. The scholarly source needs to be: 1) evidence-based, 2) scholarly in nature, 3) Sources should be no more than five years old (published within the last 5 years), and 4) an in-text citation. citations and references are included when information is summarized/synthesized and/or direct quotes are used, in which APA style standards apply. Include the Doi or URL link.

• Textbooks are not considered scholarly sources. 

• Wikipedia, Wikis, .com website or blogs should not be used