Nursing Process

NUR 4636 – DB 1.4

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Working with Families: Applying the Nursing Process

The student nurses are reviewing key concepts about working with families in the community and how to best the steps of the nursing process. The student nurses are reviewing these important concepts for an upcoming assignment on the topic. The student nurses quickly acknowledged that the family unit is the focus of service in community health nursing.

  1. It is important for the nurse to understand healthy family characteristics and to use a variety of tools so that family assessments are thorough. What six important characteristics do healthy families demonstrate?
  2. The six characteristics of a healthy family provide one assessment framework that community health nurses can use. What three key things must be present in order to assess a family’s health systematically?
  3. What are the 12 main categories of family dynamics for which the nurse must collect data?
  4. Community health nurses enhance their practices with families by observing five principles. What are the five key principles that enhance their practices with families?