HRM Suppliers

Assume our company, HRM Suppliers, sells 2 distinct product lines, bombs, and baby formula. What type of structural configuration would be most appropriate, a divisional or functional structure? Why?

Most companies pursue either a low-cost or differentiation strategy. In what ways is day-to-day life different for employees working for firms employing these 2 strategies? As a manager, which type of strategy is more enjoyable to pursue? Easier to pursue? Which strategy is most likely to generate above-market returns?

Case study

Case study

An older client was recently discharged from the hospital for evaluation of seizure activity. His history reveals that he has late-stage Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, hypertension, and type II diabetes mellitus, which is controlled by diet. He lives at home, where his wife and daughter take care of him. His discharge medications include phenytoin (Dilantin), 100 mg BID; hydrochlorothiazide (HydroDIURIL), 50 mg QD; levodopa (Sinemet), 25/100 TID; and haloperidol (Haldol), 1 mg before bed. The client has been referred for home care nursing follow-up.


  1. On the initial visit by the home health nurse, what assessments should be made?
  2. The wife and daughter need teaching about ptic medication.his antiepile What teaching should be provided?
  3. During the initial home visit, the client experiences a generalized seizure. What action should the nurse take?


  1. Please provide at least 1 reference and citation, the reference needs to be from the 2019-2021 time frame.

perspectives about technology

Turkle and McGonigal have perspectives about technology

Video links NEEDED to answer

As you may have noticed, Turkle and McGonigal have different perspectives about technology.  For this assignment, you will draft a short research supported argumentative or persuasive draft, using the provided articles and videos featuring McGonigal and Turkle.

Address the following: McGonigal strongly feels that video games are not only positive but can be used to better situations. Turkle has many concerns about technology and its impact on our lives, identities, and emotional well being, but she has a complex relationship with it and has studied its impact for many years.

Questions you may consider: Do their ideas coincide with each other? Do their ideas conflict with each other? How do their personalities and experiences affect their ideas and how they present them? Do their beliefs raise concerns? Is there middle ground in their approaches? Is one person’s viewpoint or argument more compelling than the others? Be aware of your own bias too. Are you generalizing based on stereotypes? Are you considering everything the speaker/author is saying or are you only choosing parts to make them fit your argument? It is okay to raise an issue and not solve it. Noting that something is an issue and needs further research is acceptable in research writing



Using the template write 2 tips you learned from the reading material. Each tip should be 2 -3 sentences in length and should be different from others you’ve previously provided.


Citations and references are not required.

I wrote the topic for each tip in the word doc. 2-3 sentences for each tip.

Research static

Research static

Research static class variables and methods. Provide as much information about both that you can find and provide at least one simple code example for both that explains how they are constructed/work.


350 words

National healthcare issue


National healthcare issue

If you were to ask 10 people what they believe to be the most significant issue facing healthcare today, you might get 10 different answers. Escalating costs? Regulation? Technology disruption?

These and many other topics are worthy of discussion. Not surprisingly, much has been said in the research, within the profession, and in the news about these topics. Whether they are issues of finance, quality, workload, or outcomes, there is no shortage of changes to be addressed.

In this Discussion, you examine a national healthcare issue and consider how that issue may impact your work setting. You also analyze how your organization has responded to this issue.

To Prepare:

  • Review the Resources and select one current national healthcare issue/stressor to focus on.
  • Reflect on the current national healthcare issue/stressor you selected and think about how this issue/stressor may be addressed in your work setting.

professional associations in nursing

Importance of professional associations in nursing

Examine the importance of professional associations in nursing, Describe the organization and its significance to nurses in the specialty area. Include its purpose, mission, and vision. Describe the overall benefits, or “perks,” of being a member.

  1. Explain why it is important for a nurse in this specialty field to network. Discuss how this organization creates networking opportunities for nurses.
  2. Discuss how the organization keeps its members informed of health care changes and changes to practice that affect the specialty area.
  3.  Discuss opportunities for continuing education and professional development.


It should be plagiarism free

economic democracy

Democratic countries

Building on your literature review, you are required to produce a draft of your research paper. You should find at least two further piece of academic literature, one of which may (but does not have to) be a reading from the fall term if it is relevant to your topic.

The following list consists of research questions of which you are to choose one for your research project in the winter term. Choose one and do not change it once you have stared to work on it.

1) In which respects does democracy require equality, and in which ways does capitalism undermine this equality?

2) Why is the rule of law important in democratic countries and how is the rule of law support the functioning of a capitalist economy?

3) Using an example of your choice, describe a country in the contemporary world which is “state capitalist”, and explain why it answers too that description. What are the strengths and weaknesses of state capitalism in the country you choose?

4) What is economic democracy, and is it both feasible and desirable?

5) In which ways do corporations influence government, and is corporate influence a good thing?

6) Capitalism requires that individuals are free. In which sense(s) are individuals in a capitalist society free and in which sense(s) unfree?

7) Using an example, provide evidence that corporate power and lobbying has influenced the policies or laws of a country. Has corporate power and lobbying subverted democracy in the example you choose?

8) Assess the effects of the legal case, Citizens United versus Federal Elections Commission, which came before the U.S. Supreme Court in 2010, on U.S. democracy.

9) Should non-elected officials and experts rather than elected politicians be allowed to make political decisions? Use one example of a public policy to illustrate your answer.

10) Karl Marx holds that the division of labour in society is anarchic, while the division of labour in manufacturing is despotic. Explain what he means by this.


The draft should not exceed 2000 words in length and its structure should be as follows:

(i) Title page: this page will have your name, student number and the title of the research paper.

(ii) Abstract: an abstract is a short summary of the whole paper. The best thing is to look at some examples from journal articles. Book chapters sometimes have abstracts, too (see, e.g., the abstract from the chapter of Tom Malleson’s book which we read in week 11 of the fall term). An abstract should not exceed 100 words. Given that the abstract is a summary of your paper, it will be the last thing you write – after you know what you have written in your paper.

(iii) Introduction: the introduction also summarises the paper though it should be a bit longer than the abstract. In the introduction, you tell the reader what to expect from the paper. Your introduction should mention the broad topic of the paper and tell the reader why it is an important topic. It is essential that the introduction contain a roadmap of the paper, i.e. a step-by-step description of how the paper proceeds. The roadmap should contain a clear statement of the thesis of your paper. A thesis represents your opinion on the question of your research paper. Like the abstract, you can only write an introduction when you know the structure of your paper, so an introduction can only be completed at the end of the research and writing process.

(iv) Main body of paper: you should write the main part of your essay with a thesis in mind. Your paper stands or falls with your ability to justify your thesis. To justify your thesis, you require arguments in support of it. Arguments in favour of your thesis rest on evidence which comes in many forms. You may, but do not have to, divide the main body of your paper into sections.

(v) Conclusion: your concluding section recapitulates your thesis and summarises the steps of the paper which led to the justification of your conclusion. Sometimes research papers end the concluding section by mentioning further avenues of research which can be undertaken on your topic but which your paper did not accomplish.

(vi) References: as with the literature review, you should list the sources (alphabetically by author’s surname) with the full bibliographic information.



Final Reflection

Write a reflection about your journey in this course. In your reflection, give a detailed explanation about how you intend to start your data collection process {once you get the green light from IRB [if you do not have it already]}.


Include the when, who, what, and how you intend to start this process.It is essential to have this game plan as a roadmap to keep you on task as you continue your work.

social responsibility strategy

HR practices

Discuss how HR practices guide a company to meet its social responsibility strategy.
ExDiscuss how HR practices guide a company to meet its social responsibility strategy.
Explain the responsibility of HR leadership in relation to establishing and adhering to ethical policies and practices for employees.plain the responsibility of HR leadership in relation to establishing and adhering to ethical policies and practices for employees.