Assessing Sources Of Statements

Step 1 Review the dialogue.

Dagmar: We should vote for the bond issue to build a new park.

Jae: No way! That’s going to cost the taxpayers a fortune, and I won’t even use that park.

Dagmar: You might not use it, but it will make our property values higher, and will provide an important resource for the city’s residents.

Jae: I don’t want to pay for a park. It’s a white elephant. I’d rather see the city spend money on something that is going to bring in money and create jobs.

Dagmar: Well, my mom says that there are plenty of jobs associated with a park.

Jae: What does your mom know?

Step 2 In your original post, address the following questions relating to the dialogue.

  • How should we evaluate the statements made by Jae and Dagmar?
  • What makes for good evidence?
  • Does one of these speakers have a stronger case than the other?
  • Are they arguing on the same emotional level, or is one speaker more emotional than the other?