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Respond to listed statements in at least 300 words each statement . Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Statement 1 Debilitation aims to weaken incarcerated individuals, but the question needs to be posed as to whether this is the outcome. With all of these sentencing models, the problem of wrongly convicting individuals always […]

Johnson vs. Coldrock Tire and Rubber Company

Mock Trial   Case: Johnson vs. Coldrock Tire and Rubber Company     In March 2016, John “Johnny” Johnson, a mechanic employed by Infiniti of Parkland, attempted to mount a 16-inch tire on a 17-inch rim of an Infiniti G35 wheel. While installing the tire, he leaned and reached over the assembly and the tire […]

Carrier’s Liability

Vanessa Denai owned forty acres of land in rural Louisiana. On the property were a 1,600-square-foot house and a metal barn. Denai met Lance Finney. Who had been seeking a small plot of rural property to rent. After several meetings, Denai invited Finney to live on a corner of her land in exchange for Finney’s […]

Challenging The Reliance of Import Economy

Challenging The Reliance of Import Economy Greetings Rossana G Nieves, and BUL2261 Law of International Trade – Virtual College Students: After watching the video: Michael Shuman on Going Local: Creating Self-Reliant Communities in the Global Age, complete the following critical thinking questions – support your position(s) with cited academic/peer reviewed and credible resources. After answering […]

Ethics of Health Care Professionals

Ethics of Health Care Professionals Complete the ethics self-assessment found on American College of Healthcare Executives Web site. Following your assessment, write a 2–3-page analysis of the areas where you are strong in your ethics and the areas where you may examine further to define or improve your ethical stance. For example, how might you promote […]

excellent leadership in healthcare

Please Reply to the following 2 Discussion posts:   Requiremen t   APA format with intext citation Word count minimum of 150 words per post References at least one high-level scholarly reference per post within in the last 5 years. Plagiarism free. Turnitin receipt.   DISCUSSION POST # 1 Ho R   Having an excellent […]

Building a Health History

Discussion: Building a Health History week 1 Effective communication is vital to constructing an accurate and detailed patient history. A patient’s health or illness is influenced by many factors, including age, gender, ethnicity, and environmental setting. As an advanced practice nurse, you must be aware of these factors and tailor your communication techniques accordingly. Doing […]

key moral problems of recent healthcare technology

For this week’s assignment respond to one of the following options, and include Option 1, 2, or 3 as part of your heading. Option 1: The first option is to name and describe in detail a key specific and recent healthcare technology. What are at least two key moral problems this technology creates? What are the […]

how to deliver client-centered culturally competent care

In this written assignment, you have the opportunity to share your thoughts about how to deliver client-centered culturally competent care and work collaboratively with others. The Case of Mrs. G. Mrs. G. is a 75 year old Hispanic woman who has been relatively well all of her life. She had been married for 50 years […]

Master Degree Nurse Practioner program

This is a Master Degree Nurse Practioner program minimum of 350 words. With at least 2 peer review reference in 7 the edition apa style.  Please do not use international references. Mrs. P. has been in the ICU for several days, has made gradual progression, and appears to be doing well with laboratory findings and […]