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Penicillium Camemberti

Penicillium Camemberti Jennifer Carrigan Microbiology 1- Dr. R Penicillium Camemberti is ; is a “yeast like” fungus from the penicillium group, it is a cellular microorganism. said to be a “domesticated” form of penicillium commune. widely and predominantly used in the dairy industry. This fungus is the only truly filamentous strain used for white mold cheese […]

screenings to anticipate a patient’s health needs in the future

Number 1 post: CF   Nurse practitioners (NPs) look beyond routine screenings to anticipate a patient’s health needs in the future. By providing relevant educational information. And encouraging regular follow-up visits to assess progress. And alter wellness plans, NPs can not only assist patients in managing their existing problems. But also to avoid future conditions […]

nursing interventions for clients with gastrointestinal disorders.

Competency Select appropriate nursing interventions for clients with gastrointestinal disorders. Choose one from this list Throat cancer, steatosis, proctectomy , rectal cancer, GI bleed – lower, peptic ulcer disease NSAIDS ,Pernicious anemia Scenario Patient and family education is important in increasing adherence. To provide education to patient and families, you are going to create a poster about […]

The differing meanings of “valid inference” and “warranted inference”

Required Resources Read/review the following resources for this activity: Textbook: Chapter 8, 9, 17 (Introduction); review Chapter 7 Lesson Introduction Remember – your actual journal entry should be somewhat brief; most of your time should be spent thinking about the questions asked and the issues raised. Your thoughts should then be distilled into a mini-argument […]

Alzheimer’s Disease

ATI’s Three Critical Points Journal Method of Remediation   My Name: Assessment Name:   Assessment Date:   My score:   Number of Missed Topics from Topics to Review:   Topic 1: Alzheimer’s Disease: Interventions for a Client Who Has Dementia 1.   2.   3.   Topic 2:  Multiple Sclerosis: Priority Action for a Client During an Initial Visit […]

Environmental Health

  Clinical Assignment: Environmental Health   HealthyPeople 2020’s Environmental Health Theme: Homes and Communities in Oak Park, Illinois, USA   Instructions   1. Briefly describe homes and communities in Oak Park, Illinois, USA   2. Discuss how the community of Oak Park is affected/impacted by homes and communities.   3. Explore homes and communities’ health […]

the treatment of older adults in society

the treatment of older adults in society When I Was Growing Up…How were older adults in my family treated? What did I observe about the treatment of older adults in society? How were people with mental or emotional disorders viewed? What language was used to describe aging, old age, and older adults with altered mental […]

Primary Diagnosis And ICD-10 Code-Primary Hypertension.

Below is the template you are to follow when developing your management plan. Also, always be sure to complete the EMR on the case. Use this template with each case. It is not a SOAP format as that is not required. Points will be deducted for not utilizing the template. THIS SECTION IS 30 POINTS!!! Follow the bullet points below. Copy and answer each bullet […]

Ethics of Health Care Professionals

Ethics of Health Care Professionals Complete the ethics self-assessment found on American College of Healthcare Executives Web site. Following your assessment, write a 2–3-page analysis of the areas where you are strong in your ethics and the areas where you may examine further to define or improve your ethical stance. For example, how might you promote […]

the juvenile justice system

You will prepare a short paper about a current news article/storyrelating to the juvenile justice system. The story must be taken from the news on the week that the student is submitting it. The paper should be 2 pages in length, double-spaced. The paper must be in your own words. It must be written in […]