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Workarounds and Their Implications for Patient Safety

Week 4: Workarounds and Their Implications for Patient Safety 1 1. What is a workaround? Identify a workaround (specific to technology used in a hospital setting) that you have used or perhaps seen someone else use, and analyze why you feel this risk-taking behavior was chosen over behavior that conforms to a safety culture. What […]

The Future of Health Care Delivery

Module 4 – Case The Future of Health Care Delivery Assignment Overview There are a number of challenges that affect health care delivery in the U.S. On the forefront, coverage, access, and cost are of highest concern. While these issues may not be around forever, it is vital as a health care professional to be […]

Accessing Publication

A letter to the editor can be a powerful outlet for voicing opinion on health issues. Your letter should be 250-500 words in length. The objective of a letter to the editor is to increase understanding of an urgent public health problem, foster a dialogue around a specific issue involving the author and the community, […]

Changes In Medical Education

Write a 3 page paper that analyzes the changes that have occurred in medical education from the 1800s to today. Compare and contrast the apprenticeship and academic models of medical education and provide examples. Introduction Much has changed in American medicine since the establishment of the first medical school in 1765 at the College of […]

Policing in today’s society

Respond to listed statements in at least 300 words each statement . Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Statement 1 Policing in today’s society is very difficult. There are expectations from the public that officers are to enforce the law (crime-fight), community police, crime prevention, and be public servants. Statement 2:    With the stress […]

EDiscovery Governance

introduction about eDiscovery Governance Research and explain the: Federal Rules of Evidence,(body 1) Federal Rules for Civil Procedure, and (body 2) Sedona Conference. (body 3) Conclusion (shows how all three relate work together to impact electronic discovery.) The length should be about five paragraphs: introduction, one paragraph on each topic and a conclusion that shows […]

Reproductive Function

Instructions: Response must be at least 310 words written in current APA format with at least two academic references cited. References must be within the last five years. Response must extend, correct/refute, or add additional nuance. Urinary Function: 1. This patient’s renal injury can be classified as Pre-renal Acute Kidney Injury due to the presented […]

Medical Abbreviations And Measurements

PART A: Medical abbreviations are commonly used in the medical setting. Give 3 examples of abbreviations in healthcare. Ensure that you explain – How you recognize the abbreviation,  What does the abbreviation mean? Are they Upper Case or Lower Case and how important is upper and lower casing for abbreviations?  For example “NPO” means nothing to eat or drink” A […]

Public health professionals

Public health professionals are increasingly needed and expected to have a role in advocacy efforts. Imagine you have received an action alert from your local public health association asking you to contact your state senator and urge the lawmaker to support a bill that would set forth time limits to the supply of opioid prescription […]

advocacy for health equity.

 advocacy for health equity. Consider the following scenario: Your city council has approved the placement of a toxic waste dump in a small, low-income community. The company building the dump has hosted informational meetings, but residents rarely attend and are unaware of the proposal. The approval will bring very little economic benefit to the community. […]