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the role of motivation in adolescent learning.

Motivation plays a key role in the daily duties of an educator. Students are much more likely to take on the task of learning when they have compelling reasons to do so. Therefore, when students are motivated they are much more likely to succeed. Digital Presentation For this assignment, create an 8-9 slide digital presentation […]

What are mainstream American funerals like today

What are mainstream American funerals like today Question 1:  How does the nature of the gods, how they are conceived  of in a particular society, influence the nature of the rituals that are  conducted? Question 2: How do we know when someone is dead? What do you think of  brain death as the criteria? Would […]

the School-Life Balance category

Prepare · Visit the  Student Support Center  (SSC) and explore the resources under the School-Life Balance category for: · Managing Stress · Motivation · Work-Life Balance   the School-Life Balance category Write In your reflection, · Share your progress on the goal you set for yourself in the Post Your Introduction forum. What adjustment(s) might you need […]


WHAT IS ACADEMIC WRITING? In the strictest sense, academic writing is what scholars do to communicate with other scholars in their fields of study, their disciplines. It’s the research report a biologist writes, the interpretive essay a literary scholar composes. The media analysis a film scholar produces. At the same time, academic writing is what you have to learn […]

Music All Around Us: The Influence of Music on the Emotional State

Title of the paper – Music All Around Us: The Influence of Music on the Emotional State Thesis: Music aids in receptive interpretation that may counter or encourage an emotional state. Three main points:   1. music is educational 2. music is therapeutic 3. music is inspirational   25 pages APA due Saturday, November 13th no […]

Psychologic Disorder

Present the age-related Physiologic or Psychologic Disorder Choose from one: Integumentary function, Urinary function, Musculoskeletal function or Endocrine function. Describe the age-related changes and common problems and conditions. Summarize the nursing management appropriate for your Physiologic or Psychologic Disorder chosen.  Power point presentation with 4-6 slides were clear and easy to read. Speaker notes expanded […]

patient’s ability to sign consent

patient’s ability to sign consent You are a nurse preparing a 56-year-old telephone linesman for surgery to repair a torn left rotator cuff. He has an unremarkable medical history, and denies smoking or consuming alcohol. He has never been hospitalized and asks many questions regarding what to expect from his first surgical experience. His wife […]

model of culturally competent nursing care

Describe how you used the chosen model of culturally competent nursing care to develop interview questions Summarize the interview questions used and the answers received, and address the following: With what culture does the person identify? How does this person define/perceive health and illness and how is this affected by his or her culture? Describe the […]

recovering from pneumonia

Threaded Discussion #4 Family   Scenario: Family An 83, year old woman is recovering from pneumonia. She has Alzheimer’s disease and has become increasingly hostile and unmanageable in the home setting. Her 65, year old daughter is distraught about the idea of placing her mother in a long term care facility but feels she is […]