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medical-surgical unit

Q14) The nurse working on a high-acuity medical-surgical unit is prioritizing care for four clients who were just admitted. Which client should the nurse assess FIRST? (a) The NPO client with a blood glucose level of 80 mg/Dl who just received 20 units of insulin lispro – correct answer (b) The client with a pulse of 62 […]

Interaction Between Nurse Informaticists And Other Specialists

APA format with intext citation 300 minimal word count 2 scholarly references with in the last 5 years Plagiarism free Turnitin received   Interaction Between Nurse Informaticists and Other Specialists   Nature offers many examples of specialization and collaboration. Ant colonies and bee hives are but two examples of nature’s sophisticated organizations. Each thrives because […]

Advanced Primary Care Of Family Practicum

Reflective Communication with Faculty: Reflective communication will depict the student’s experience in the clinical. Posts must be at least a minimum of 150 words. No scholarly references required. In the reflective communication, consider the Florida National University NGR 6619L 15 objectives that you and your preceptor set up during the clinical placement plan. The student […]

Applying Ethical Principles

Case study Jenna and Chris Smith are the proud parents of Ana, a 5–day–old baby girl born without complications at Community Hospital. Since delivery, the parents have bonded well with Ana. And express their desire to raise her as naturally as possible. For the Smiths, this means breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months, making […]

Essential Of Pathophysiology

Heart disease remains one of the top causes of mortality in the Unites States. Consider the various types of heart disease covered in class this week. For your discussion, complete these items: · The etiology of the selected heart disease · Modifiable factors · Non-modifiable factors   Use at least one scholarly source to support […]

healthcare personnel

healthcare personnel You must write 250 words (one page double-spaced) and use in-text citation. Cite the ATI video along with at least one other resource. Writing prompt: What are the key principles that a registered nurse should consider when delegating tasks to other healthcare personnel? What are three tasks that a registered nurse may assign […]

Organizations Influencing Health Policy

Week 01 Discussion: Organizations Influencing Health Policy Question: Read over the list of Key Organizations on the NICHSR website. https://www.nlm.nih.gov/hsrph.html Using the website above, select an organization from each of the three categories: Federal Agencies, Association and Organizations, International Organizations, Associations that has a role in influencing health policy. For each of your three chosen sites, describe the organization’s chief purpose and […]

New Jersey State APN Practice Privileges And Prescriptive Authority

New Jersey State APN Practice Privileges and Prescriptive Authority   Discussion Prompt · Determine New Jersey states practice environment color – green, yellow, or red. · Discuss how your New Jersey state is an independent practice or practice restricted state. · Describe the prescriptive authority for your New Jersey state. · Identify one (1) barrier […]

Transparent Health: Lewis Blackman Story

A. Week 01 Discussion #1 Transparent Health: Lewis Blackman Story In this first of four discussion boards, you will watch the video titled, “Transparent Health – Lewis Blackman Story. In this video, two issues in health care will be addressed: (1) prevention of medical errors and (2) how we the care givers respond when our […]

Why Nurses Need to Understand Nursing Informatics by McGonigle

2. Read Why Nurses Need to Understand Nursing Informatics by McGonigle, Hunter, Sipes, and Hebda (2014). As you read this short article, pay close attention to the “data, information, knowledge. And wisdom pathway”. And how it is utilized in practice via the authors “Personal Importance” sections. In this lesson we explored the forms of technology […]