Why Nurses Need to Understand Nursing Informatics by McGonigle

2. Read Why Nurses Need to Understand Nursing Informatics by McGonigle, Hunter, Sipes, and Hebda (2014). As you read this short article, pay close attention to the “data, information, knowledge. And wisdom pathway”. And how it is utilized in practice via the authors “Personal Importance” sections.

In this lesson we explored the forms of technology that allows nurses to gather data. And make decisions at the point of care. In addition, we reviewed meaningful use. And the set of standards that governs the use of the EHR. As well the data, information, knowledge. And wisdom pathway.

For this activity, you are asked to respond to the following questions related to nursing informatics and technology:

Consider the forms of communication technology you use in your practice setting on a regular basis. And choose one that you use frequently as the basis for your response to questions 1 and 2.


1. Discuss the impact of the use of this form of communication technology on the nurse/patient relationship.

2. As a nurse leader, what is your responsibility in assuring confidentiality. And ethical use is maintained during use?

3. Briefly describe a situation in your nursing practice where you utilized the data, information, knowledge