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Qualitative research designs

Instructions: Response must be at least 310 words written in current APA format with at least two academic references cited. References must be within the last five years. Response must extend, correct/refute, or add additional nuance. Qualitative research designs are used in nursing research studies depending on the methodology used in the study, including methods […]


bronchiolitis Question 1 A 6-month-old female presents with rhinorrhea, cough, poor feeding, lethargy, and fever. She is diagnosed with bronchiolitis. Which of the following will the nurse most likely observe on the culture report? a. parainfluenza virus b. haemophilus B influenzae c. respiratory syncytial virus d. group A beta-hemolytic streptococcus Question 2 A 53-year-old male […]

Recommending an Evidence-Based Practice Change

Assignment: Evidence-Based Project, Part 4: Recommending an Evidence-Based Practice Change The collection of evidence is an activity that occurs with an endgame in mind. For example, law enforcement professionals collect evidence to support a decision to charge those accused of criminal activity. Similarly, evidence-based healthcare practitioners collect evidence to support decisions in pursuit of specific […]

the aging process.

the aging process. Define aging from biologic, sociologic, and psychological theories.   Identify the different theories and their implications on the aging process. Define aging from biologic, sociologic, and psychological theories. Develop nursing interventions based on the psychosocial issues and biologic changes associated with older adulthood. Discuss several nursing implications for each of the major […]

Adams’ Equity Theory

Adams’ Equity Theory evaluate the theory in terms of explanatory adequacy for an area of nursing knowledge explain why you have a chosen it diagram the theory for logic analysis/evaluate according to a specific framework define the concept in terms of: meaning and measurement explain and diagram how the concepts relate to each other. explain […]

Foundations of Pathophysiology

Foundations of Pathophysiology Case Study: Scope of Pathophysiology Mr. Reynolds, age 65, is slowly recovering from a recent heart attack. He has a history of emphysema but is having more difficulty breathing. He dislikes medications and any form of therapy. Question 1 Using normal anatomy and physiology. Discuss how impaired ventilation can interfere with cardiac […]

history of intermittent midepigastric pain

J.G. is a 42-year-old white man presenting with a 2-month history of intermittent midepigastric pain. The pain sometimes wakes him up at night and seems to get better after he eats a meal. J.G. informs you that his doctor told him that he had an infection in his stomach 6 months ago. He never followed […]

narcotic drugs

Question 1 A nurse works in a private hospital and needs to administer some narcotic drugs to one of her patients. Which of the following should the nurse consider when administering narcotics to patients in a hospital setting? A) Narcotics are banned in private settings and cannot be used. B) Narcotics can be used in the […]

organochlorine pesticides

organochlorine pesticides Question 1 Exposure to the major organochlorine pesticides has been linked to increased risk of ___________. cancer neurological effects both of the above Question 2 Which of the following is a tactic typically used in integrated pest management? Choosing a single, targeted intervention for pest control Undertaking pest control on a predetermined schedule […]

Physical Assessment

3       Sample Paper Student ABC Rasmussen University COURSE#: NUR2180 Physical Assessment Instructor: Caitlyn Schumaker April XX, 2021   Title of Paper Subjective Information Patient states “…” this is the area where you put all of the subjective information the patient tells you, or that you gather – use your textbook “subjective” section […]