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Psychosocial Factors And Patient Education

Psychosocial Factors And Patient Education Homework Topic 2 Write a short (50-100-word) paragraph response for each question. This assignment is to be submitted as a Microsoft Word document. Give examples of psychosocial factors that affect the health care professional and the effect those factors could have on patient education. Give examples of psychosocial factors that […]

the effect of extremely low birth weight babies on the family and community

the effect of extremely low birth weight babies on the family and community Describe the effect of extremely low birth weight babies on the family and community. Consider short-term and long-term impacts, socioeconomic implications, the need for ongoing care, and comorbidities associated with prematurity. Explain how disparities relative to ethnic and cultural groups may contribute […]

Pulmonary Function

Pulmonary Function: D.R. is a 27-year-old man, who presents to the nurse practitioner at the Family Care Clinic complaining of increasing SOB, wheezing, fatigue, cough, stuffy nose, watery eyes, and postnasal drainage—all of which began four days ago. Three days ago, he began monitoring his peak flow rates several times a day. His peak flow […]

the measurement tools of NP performance

Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to have students research the measurement tools of NP performance.  Through the use of quality patient outcomes. Student will list and discuss three different patient interventions. And how they would specifically measure the outcomes. And h o w these primary care interventions result in improved patient outcomes and cost […]

Family Assessment

Download Family assessment assignment- community.docx (See attached) Upon completion of the interview, write a 750-1,000-word document. This family health assessment is a two-part assignment. The information you gather in the first part of the assignment will be utilized for the second part of the assignment. Select a family, other than your own. And seek permission from the family […]

Function of Digestive Organs

Function of Digestive Organs The human digestive system supports essential functions of life, often through nutrition to fuel the body systems and the building blocks of the body. It contains a series of various organs across a long tract extending from the mouth to the rectum. Mouth Digestion begins at the mouth with the mechanical […]

the community educational project.

1. Select your site for the community educational project. Write a short 250-300 word APA formatted paper (include title page, introduction, headings for the body, and conclusion) on: First discuss what your topic is and why you choose that topic related to your community needs. Second discuss why you selected the specific site for your […]


Case Discussion Pulmonary – Part 2 Follow up Visithttps://myassignmenthelp247.com/ Purpose The purpose of this assignment is for students to: 1. Improve their ability to formulate diagnoses based on clinical presentation of patients 2. Improve their ability to understand and apply National Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of Pulmonary disorders 3. Design a relevant treatment plan Activity […]

Anxiety Disorder/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

TOPIC: Anxiety Disorder/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder   Course Competency Assemble nursing care interventions for clients with behavioral or cognitive disorders.   Scenario Lauren has been diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder and experiences obsessive thoughts that result in compulsive behaviors. This has a major impact on her life and day to day functioning.   Instructions View the […]

Children’s Health Fund And National Breast Cancer Coalition

1) Minimum 4 slides with speaker notes and 4 full pages (Follow the 3 x 3 rule: minimum three paragraphs per part)   Part 1: minimum 4 Slides with speaker notes Part 2: minimum 4 full pages   Submit 1 document per part   2)¨******APA norms- PPP Don’t use images. Use the speaker note briefly […]