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Government statistics

Government statistics Note APA Style, at least 500 Words with Reference. Look for the attachment for Literature Review Part. As you conduct your literature review you will identify techniques, sources, and datasets that may prove useful to your classmates. Please address the following three items in your post. 1. Identify at least one technique that […]

Knowledge Management System

  Knowledge Management System (KMS) Situation: Continuing with the situation found in Assignment 1 – Part 1, your team has won the contract to plan, oversee, execute the digital transformation at the organization. The CEO believes that the first task is to introduce a Knowledge Management System (KMS) into the organization. As with all capital […]

Management Responsibilities

Management Responsibilities Discuss and describe some skills and competencies that you think are important to managers working in today’s world, characterized by generational differences, today’s workplace culture, technology, and sudden changes or threats from the environment. Describe some skills and competencies that you think are important to managers working in these conditions. Note Using Scholarly […]

resolving conflict

resolving conflict Instructions As discussed in the unit lesson, resolving conflict in the workplace requires using interpersonal skills, management skills, and techniques. Interpersonal skills can consist of understanding individual differences, self-esteem, self-confidence, communication, teamwork skills, problem-solving skills, cultural relations skills, motivation skills, customer service skills, ethical behavior skills, and stress management skills. Management skills focus […]


presentation Use MS PowerPoint to create a presentation about a topic of your choice. The presentation can be informative, instructional, or persuasive. You are to create the slide deck AND record voice for each slide. You should have a cover slide, an agenda slide, and a closing slide. You should have at least 7 slides […]


Computer Choose one of the Big Tech companies listed here: MSFT, AAPL, GOOG, AMZN, or FB. Using one ethical framework of your choice (eg Kantianism, Act or Rule Utilitarianism, Social Contract Theory, or Virtue Ethics), answer the moral question, “Should Your Big Tech Company of Choice Be Broken Up?”. One paragraph should suffice. Next, answer […]

Research Paper

Research Paper Abstract , Introduction,Significance purpose and limitations of the study, Employee safety , other alternatives for making paper , Significant critical issues to examine in the analysis , findings and data analysis, safety measures, conclusions and references. Should include intext citations and references Should be in APA format 6 In addition to this pictures […]

Threater Art

Threater Art The Greeks valued truth and our theatre tradition is about seeking the truth in a play’s content and in its performance. One of the most popular plays in the ancient Greek theatre was Oedipus Rex (or Oedipus the King) by Sophocles. Watch the following brief summary and analysis of the play and then […]

Course Conclusions And Reflections

Course Conclusions And Reflections For our final discussion of the term, we will have a class-wide discussion of the following 3 discussion prompts.  Please feel free to answer honestly; you will not be penalized in any way for your frankness, for the 3rd prompt or any part of this discussion (keeping it respectful of everyone, […]