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Machine learning in cybersecurity

Machine learning in cybersecurity TASK:   An important component of your dissertation is the methodology chosen. Discuss the topic that you are selecting for your dissertation. Locate one article in a peer reviewed journal that closely relates to your topic. Describe the method used, the sample, the population chosen, was there a survey involved in a […]

balanced scorecard

challenges attempted to lead an organization strategically There are several challenges that one must confront in attempting to lead an organization strategically.  One must ensure that their organization’s vision, missions, and goals are in place to help move the organization forward.  Write a vision and mission for an organization or firm that you are currently […]


leadership How do others define leadership? What characteristics do they attribute to effective leaders? How do the views expressed above align with Covey’s eight characteristics of a Principle-Centered Leader?

Mobile computing

Mobile computing Compare the business models and core competencies of Google, Apple, and Facebook. Why is mobile computing so important to these three firms? Evaluate the mobile strategies of each firm. Which company and business model do you think is most likely to dominate the internet and why? What difference would it make to a […]


Brainstorming Trevecca LibraryThis course is highly focused on current research.  Therefore, it will be important for you to have a firm grasp on the resources available to you through Trevecca’s Waggoner Library.  For this reason, we’ve created a DBA Research Guide. The DBA Research Guide has information about library resources (databases, books, eBooks, and streaming video), […]

Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts Receivable Management It is critical that financial leaders have a firm grasp of the organization’s receivables, because roughly 75 percent of a provider’s current assets is tied up in AR (Zelman, McCue, Glick, & Thomas, 2014). In addition to your text (linked in Resources), select three journal articles to support your conclusions. Complete the […]

stage of continuum

stage of continuum case study Read the following case study: Sue is an RN who has been practicing for 3 years and typically works in labor and delivery, and she volunteers at a clinic that serves diabetic OB patients. She encounters two patients, one who has developed gestational diabetes and the other who has been diabetic […]

criminal justice organizations

criminal justice organizations The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate a modern, criminal justice issue and critically evaluate how criminal justice organizations can properly address this issue moving forward. Students are encouraged to think creatively to provide functional solutions while demonstrating how inter-related criminal justice organizations can best work together. At a minimum students […]

Risk Identification and Assessment

Risk Identification and Assessment Is there a difference in how risks are identified and assessed in projects versus programs or portfolios? Describe the differences and how they might influence the competitive position of the organization. Discuss objectively the reason or reasons for these differences and how the differences may contribute to the enhancement or development […]

attitude and beliefs

cultural background How aware are you of how your cultural background is likely to influence your ability to work with a diverse range of people? What specific attitude and beliefs might enhance or interfere with your ability to understand and work with diversity? What steps could you take to facilitate difficult conversations about race and […]