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 CHOOSE  color Violet PRESENTATION present a 10 minute PRESENTATION (powerpoint, lecture, demo, performance, etc) on that color, and MAKE a one-page synopsis of the research collected on your color.  The one-page synopsis will be combined into a pdf with all of your peer’s work and distributed to the class.     Things to consider during your research: -Images of objects […]


probability There are two boxes, containing 1 black ball and 10 white balls and 6 black balls and 7 white balls respectively. 4 Balls are randomly taken from the first box and put in the second box. Then one ball is drawn out from the second. Find the probability that: 1) the ball is white […]

poverty and crime

poverty and crime Describe your thoughts on poverty and crime. Does and impoverished youth who has a two-parent household reframe your personal evaluation of this theory? Why or why not?

pathogens and protection

pathogens and protection what you know about pathogens and protection. You can use the additional resources .  Then design an information poster or brochure to help  the public understand how their body has defense mechanisms in place against invading pathogens. Be creative but accurate and engaging. Decide who the audience is and make the media […]


Devotional We see sinful behavior all around us, including in the virtual world. The Scriptures warn us about evil practices. When one thinks of information systems security, a biblical verse that encourages us to prepare for a hacker or attacker is not usually considered, but consider Proverbs 2:11, “Discretion will protect you, and understanding will guard […]

Cryptographic Methods

Cryptographic Methods Original Post by Catherine Johnson Cryptographic Methods: Cryptography is the science of concealing information or encrypting information. Computers use complex cryptographic algorithms to enable data protection, data hiding, integrity checks, nonrepudiation services, policy enforcement, key management, and exchange, and many more (Conklin, 2018). Cryptography is classified into three types symmetric cryptography, asymmetric cryptography, […]

Shays’ Rebellion

Shays’ Rebellion Experiencing the United States: Shays’ Rebellion (50 points) About the assignment: 1. Throughout the semester, there will be supplemental activities and discussions about the weekly subject matter. This week you will have the opportunity to explore Shays’ Rebellion. 2. For this assignment, you will view a website that is devoted to Shays’ Rebellion. […]

US health care system

U.S. health care system describe the impact of recent U.S. health care reform legislation. Step 1: Pulling from all that you have learned in this and earlier lessons, consider what an ideal U.S. health care system might look like If you were designing a new system: What elements of the current system would you keep and […]

Biosocial Theories

Biosocial Theories Identify and briefly define the core definition and major concepts of Herbert Blumer’s symbolic interactionism. CHOOSE ANY TWO OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: Identify and briefly define the three types of biosocial theories. Identify and briefly define each of the first two paradigms in contemporary sociological theory (positivism and interpretive) in terms of their […]