CORONAVIRUS Assignment for Clinical Makeup

CORONAVIRUS Assignment for Clinical Makeup

1.  Watch the following videos: (Viewing will take Approx. 2 hours) – COVID-19 | Coronavirus: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Diagnostics (50:43) – COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 19) August Update- causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology (25:00) – COVID-19 Vaccines: MODERNA | PFIZER/BIONTECH | ASTRAZENECA (43:40)

2.  Develop a FACT SHEET about Coronavirus that you could use to educate your patient and their family. – Reference Page:

Include the following pieces: (Document should thorough and easy to read/understand)

a.  What is Coronavirus?

b.  Where did it Originate from?

c.  What are the risk factors?

d.  Who is at the greatest risk?

e.  How is the virus spread?

f.  What are the signs & symptoms?

g.  Is there treatment?  What is it?

h.  What can be done to reduce the spread of the disease?

i.  Explain what “Social Distancing” is, and how it helps to reduce the spread of disease.

j.  Benefits of vaccination, herd immunity.

3.  Lastly, answer the following discussion questions……. (Each response should be 3-5 sentences)

a.  How you personally have been affected by this virus?

b.  What you are personally doing to keep “normalcy” in your personal life?

c.  Have you had or know anyone who has had Coronavirus?  Share that experience….

d.  Have you been vaccinated, what are your thoughts on whether or not to get vaccinated?