epic poetry about your life

1. Two Summaries

Read “Penelope’s Agnoia” and “Herakles, Odysseus, and the Bow,” then write a summary of that article, no more than ½ page in length, which explains the article’s main claim and the arguments it uses to support that claim. You can earn up to ten points of credit for the first article you summarize, and up to five additional points if you submit a summary for the other article as well.

2. One poem

Write 20-40 lines of epic poetry about your life.  How you make it poetry is up to you; you may want to use rhyme, meter or other formal devices.  How you make it “epic” is also up to you, but you can apply some of the things you’ve learned in lecture and section to make what you write more like the Odyssey.  Like Odysseus, you should not feel bound by a strict respect for the truth.