Health Care Employer Risk Management


  • Topic 2 DQ 1

    Hello Everyone. Our century is the century of new technology. New technologies, new machines appear in our life so frequently that we sometimes do not even pay attention to this. The new technology is coming to the hospitals as well. A self-help kiosk in the hospitals. And health care organizations is the new reality that already came into our life. What are the advantages. And disadvantages of the self-help kiosks?


    1. Medical kiosks are reducing patients’ waiting time
    2. Secure biometric authentication
    3. Less errors due to human mistakes
    4. Reduce cost for the facility
    5. Different and more secure payment options
    6. Keeping distance between patients helping to reduce spreading the virus


    1. Lack of human interaction, a patient needs to put an effort if he/she needs attention. And the patient has a question about payments and some appointments.
    2. Older populations sometimes do not understand the interface. And the programs and get confused.
    3. Software has to be constantly updated and high cost of maintenance

    medical researchers

    The group of medical researchers made a study about the self-help kiosk. Adatabase was explored from 2001- 2018. The research made this conclusion: “This study found that health kiosks are promising, cost-effective and multifunctional tools. If included in the formal health system of countries. They may improve health indicators in countries. However, before deploying, their challenges. And concerns need to be investigated and addressed. (Mozhgan, L. 2020). It was proven that self-help kiosks are more efficient. And have more advantages than disadvantages. However, we should consider the older population as well. And make sure that they are not left without the help.

    With the growing importance of increasing wage rates for employees. Many health care organizations are implementing technology such as self-help kiosks to reduce staffing. Describe both an advantage. And a disadvantage to this practice. And discuss how patients may perceive reductions in dedicated staffing.


    Using 200-300 words APA format with at least two references. Sources must be published within the last 5 years. Add critical thinking in the posts along with research. Apply the material in a substantial way.