Jean Watson’s Theory On Human Caring

Applying Jean Watson’s Theory on Human Caring/Caring Science Core Principles to APN Practice




Discussion Prompt

Jean Watson’s Theory of  Human Caring/Caring Science is one theoretical framework used throughout the many College of Nursing courses. The practice implication of Watson’s Human Caring Theory evolves our thinking and approaches to patient care from a mindset of carative (cure) to one of caritas (care). The core principles/practice are founded on a:

· Practice of loving-kindness and equanimity

· Authentic presence: enabling deep belief of other (patient, colleague, family, etc.) Cultivation of one’s own spiritual practice toward wholeness of mind/body/spirit—beyond ego

· “Being” the caring-healing environment, Allowing miracles (openness to the unexpected and inexplicable life events)

Some individuals are comfortable framing their practice with Watson while others prefer different theories or a collection of theories. However, Watson is based on caring which is a foundation of nursing. Anyone could use the core principles to guide decision making. Select one of the core principles and discuss ways you might be able to apply the principle in guiding your advanced practice nursing practices.


Watson, J. (2021). Caring science & human caring theory. Watson Caring Science Institute. Jean Watson’s Philosophy of Nursing.  Jean Watson’s Philosophy of Nursing (



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