patient’s ability to sign consent

  • patient’s ability to sign consent

  • You are a nurse preparing a 56-year-old telephone linesman for surgery to repair a torn left rotator cuff. He has an unremarkable medical history, and denies smoking or consuming alcohol. He has never been hospitalized and asks many questions regarding what to expect from his first surgical experience. His wife is continually at his bedside and is very supportive. (Learning Objectives 1, 3, and 5)


  1. Your patient indicates serious concern regarding medications used perioperatively. How would you outline the uses of various medications?
  2. After a complete description of the surgery, your patient indicates that he is ready to sign consent forms. How would you respond?
  3. Which conditions would invalidate this patient’s ability to sign consent?
  4. Develop appropriate postoperative patient goals that you might include in this patient’s care plan.