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· Visit the  Student Support Center  (SSC) and explore the resources under the School-Life Balance category for:

· Managing Stress

· Motivation

· Work-Life Balance



In your reflection,

· Share your progress on the goal you set for yourself in the Post Your Introduction forum. What adjustment(s) might you need to make to be more successful? Or, what contributed to your progress?

The last course I took my main goal for the semester was to finish with an A and I would to do the same with this class. Information literacy for me is the ability to evaluate, organize and communicate knowledge. I need to work on time management more in order to finish the course with a passing grade.

· Describe what you have found most enjoyable or interesting to learn about, and what you have found most challenging or stressful.

What I have found most challenging is how much writing this class has required as well as learning a new format of writing such as APA.

· Discuss at least one strategy from the SSC you can implement to help you minimize stress or maintain work-life balance, and one strategy to boost your motivation to successfully complete the Week 5 final project.

One strategy from the SSC I could use is managing stress

Managing Stress (SSC)

Stress is a part of everyday life. Everyone knows what it feels like, but why do so many people react to it differently? The bottom line is that a person’s way of managing stress is based on how they learned how to cope with stress from childhood on through adulthood. When you react to stressful situations in an unhealthy way it can cause insomnia, digestion problems, headaches, memory loss, and high blood pressure, just to name a few.


One Strategy to boost motivation is


Motivation (SSC)

How often do you feel too overwhelmed with multiple life obligations that you lose motivation to start working on your college assignments? Sounds familiar, right? Now it’s time to get inspired! Learn how YOU can achieve your goals by changing your approach. For instance, instead of looking at a task as overwhelming, it’s important to break down those tasks into smaller and more manageable steps.




Your initial post should be a minimum of 150 words.













Respond to Peers

Review your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two of your peers. Each peer response should be a minimum of 50 words.

In your peer responses, share

· Ideas with your peers that may assist them in meeting the goals they discussed in their post.

· One of the SSC resources that your peer wrote about that you did not, and how you may incorporate it as well.

· Additional strategies that your peer can use to minimize stress and maintain work-life balance.






time management

The goal that I made in the introduction post was to build better time management skills. Though I still need to improve upon it by setting a schedule to get all my work done beforehand, I have still made some progress. I have started composing a plan, ensuring that all my peer reviews are completed by the weekend. That way, I have time to do my Monday assignments before the deadline. However, I still struggle with cutting it close to when the assignments are due. The biggest thing that I need to do is find a balance between life and school.

During this course, I enjoyed completing some of the assignments. I found it interesting to break down the articles. That includes the research process and analysis of the different sources. Though I found it easier to go through a popular source, I still found the scholarly sources complex and intriguing.

personal and academic life

One thing from the SSC that I plan on utilizing is the  9 Things Mentally Strong People Do to Manage Stress  (Links to an external site.) . I feel that this will help me balance my personal and academic life because by keeping a clear head, I will complete my work to the best of my ability and not let any distractions get in the way. By taking a brief moment to myself, It’s ensuring that I don’t become stressed or overwhelmed.





My goal at the beginning of this course was to continue to strengthen my writing skills and make sure I used the proper voice in my work. I believe I have progressed positively. I’ve found that I enjoy the process of putting words together. I’m a strong believer in “it isn’t what you say, but how you say it.” Learning to speak to an audience with intention is making me pay more attention to the words I use when writing. One thing I can do to help manage my time is to try and carve out time at work to use for school. I’m at work majority of the week, so being able to take a lunch break or just find any time at all to help get the school work done will help tremendously.