Substance abuse

Substance abuse

Part I: The American Addiction Centers has released the most recent substance use disorder outcomes.  Unfortunately, the long-term success of traditional rehabilitation programs is not at the level where it needs to be.  For this posting I encourage you to review the various articles as well as different rehabilitation strategies, such as inpatient, outpatient, family interventions, sober living environments, case management integration to name a few.  Think about what you know about substance use disorders from a professional and personal standpoint.  If you could implement one strategy/technique/intervention into all substance use disorder treatment programs what would this be?  Why did you choose this?  What literature support do you have for this?  You may want to consider comparing and contrasting to a current strategy/technique/intervention that you would replace.  For this posting you can think “big” or dramatic and what you would do in a perfect world where anything is possible.


Articles for review:

Substance Abuse and Case Management

Substance Abuse Interventions

Psychosocial Interventions