the business impact of COVID on any of our healthcare


An individual paper is due for the course and represents 40% of your grade. The goal is to review current literature for the business impact of COVID on any of our healthcare Generated: 10/5/2021 Page 4 of 11 stakeholders. This should be reviewed for the impact of the disease itself as well as the impact of our national/state response. A specific example is covered in session 1. Remember this is a finance class so the focus of impact should be on financial business models. Please include a completed outline with the rough draft.

Introduction: It has been witnessed for the very time that the health crisis has brought the global economy to a halt, highlighting how inextricably the economy and healthcare have become (Kaye et al., 2020). Health-care systems throughout the world were not built to handle this situation: an unexpected large-scale health crisis that necessitates immediate resource mobilization and impacts the whole population. This study attempts to call attention to the negative effect of pandemic’s and their implications for a better future healthcare system for the patients

Patients’ desire for health solutions

Main Points: Patients’ desire for health solutions has increased tremendously since the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic. Staying connected has become more important than ever in order to provide a unique patient experience (Jazieh & Kozlakidis, 2020). Patients are actively looking for digital solutions that will allow them to see their doctor without having to leave their homes. Thus, healthcare needs to go through a fast transition, with an increasing emphasis on improving long-term patient outcomes and experiences.

In practice it can be stated that the experience of the patient is healthcare industry: the variety of contacts between the patient and their touch-points—Inpatient and outpatient care, portals, office and virtual contacts, home visits, social media, and their health plan. However, this just does not confide to access or fluid or convenience at the retail level but it is about making a decision immediately. Hence, it is stated that the Health System is a clinical capacity that tackles it is patient dynamic right here and right now.

health stakeholders

Conclusion: As a result of the crisis across the globe, providers, patients, Payors, and other health stakeholders have been pushed to stress-test modalities of delivering healthcare. There is a need for rationalizing and utilizing available resources while demonstrating resistance on the front lines during the pandemic. Hence, it is necessary to develop a health care system for the patients where improved treatment, quicker workflows, streamlined business operations, and a better balance of resources with demand are all possible when stakeholders exchange, adapt, and implement medical knowledge in real-time.

How the Pandemic changes Health Care The pandemic situation of COVID-19 has created different problems for the people from which one of the most significant problems is that it has changed the entire health care system. The health care professionals have to follow the new rules related to health care so that chances of a better situation can become enhanced. Temesgen et al. conducted the study in 2020 to explain the condition of the health care system that has become occurred due to COVID-19 in both developed and developing countries. The study has claimed that the health care system became negatively affected after the diagnosis of the first case of COVID-19 that was reported on December 31, 2019.

pandemic of COVID-19

There are different causes that lead to the generation of different problems, from which one of the most significant causes is that it spread into more than 212 countries at the same time. The number of patients became increased from 5.4 million. Which showed that the pressure on government and health care professionals enhanced, and they had to implement different changes in the health care system. This large-scale pandemic of COVID-19 has caused the health care system to shift how health care professionals provide care substantially and quickly. There were also certain other changes that resulted due to the implementation of lockdown by the government in different countries (Temesgen, 2020).

The study was conducted in 2020 by Liu et al. to find the changes that have occurred in the field of health care due to the outbreak of COVID-19. There is no doubt that the outbreak of COVID-19 was a sudden burden on society and health care professionals. There was not any other option just to change the health care system according to the situation. And available facilities so that maximum lives could be saved. The main concern of the health care professionals was to

decrease the rate of morbidity

HEALTH CARE 2 decrease the rate of morbidity and mortality within available resources. Therefore, the entire health care system has to face some changes due to pandemics (Liu, 2020). Thus, it has become concluded from the results that there are different changes. That have become occurred in the health care system due to the pandemic situation of COVID-19. It is important for the government and health care professionals to analyze the situation. And implement such a system that negative impacts can be reduced.


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