the community educational project.

1. Select your site for the community educational project.

Write a short 250-300 word APA formatted paper (include title page, introduction, headings for the body, and conclusion) on: First discuss what your topic is and why you choose that topic related to your community needs. Second discuss why you selected the specific site for your presentation related to your topic and community needs and note where and when (place, date) your presentation will take place. (If you are still working on solidifying the site, discuss your options and what your plans are to get this solidified to be a good fit for your topic and community needs) In this course, in every module assignment or discussion, due to the nature of the assignments, you are permitted to use first person, such as I, We, Me, Us, etc.


I am choosing the Topic Corona Virus. The site I am choosing is the Hospital that I work at.

Humboldt Park Health. Hispanic community. Dec 3rd. This is the beginning of the project, at the end I will be presenting the topic to my co-workers. I need you from Start to the end of the project. So that you are aware and we are Nsync . We have 7 more topics to cover. From gathering resources, to the presentation. Please, I want a perfect job.