Violence Against Women It’s a Men’s Issue

This extra credit assignment (receive up to 7 points) is designed for students to understand the complexity optimate partner violence and the role of gender plays in partner violence.


Students will need to view the following film (click on title): Violence Against Women It’s a Men’s Issue If you are not able to access the film, please use the following link:
Students will need to respond the following questions based on the film:
1. According to the film explain why it is problematic to refer to gender violence as a women’s issue.
2. Explain the bystander approach. Discuss the purpose of the bystander approach.
3. Explain the difficulties in changing the ideas about male socialization (think about aspects of socialization, especially gender socialization).
4. Explain why it appears that when men speak out or join the movement against gender violence, they receive a lot of recognition for the work and the awareness they bring to gender violence. However, women have been doing this is work for long periods of time and receive only moderate recognition.
5. Why was it important for Jackson Katz to illustrate the power of language using the following sentence “John beat Mary”, think about how Jackson Katz changes of the sentence.
a. What happens to the focus on John?
b. What does the changing the sentence illustrate?
c. According to the film, explain victim blaming and provide examples of victim blaming.
d. According to the film, explain ways to avoid victim blaming. Criteria for Success:

Students will need to:
• Respond to all questions in complete sentences.
• Number each response (you do not need to re-write the question)

Financial institutions


Financial institutions

Your niece just started her college career with a major in economics. She is curious as to the interrelationship between the success of an economy and the financial markets, concepts, and financial institutions. Accordingly, she has developed a list of questions addressing these issues and has asked that you explain the ideas.

She is also curious about the time value of money concepts. Specifically, she has the following questions about these concepts:

  • Why are consumers considered to be risk averse? What methods could be used to deal with risk?
  • It has been said that a dollar received today is worth more than a dollar received tomorrow. What does this mean and what is the significance to the economy?
  • What is the difference between the present value of a future sum of money and the future value of a present sum of money? What is the significance of these concepts to economics?
  • If you deposited $1,000 in an account paying 6% interest compounded annually, how long would it take to double?


  • Prepare a 5-6 page Microsoft Word document that addresses the above-noted concerns and meets APA standards.
  • Include a summary section in your report that contains 5-7 bullet points identifying your major findings or conclusions of your paper. 



A. Review current computer/technology-related magazines and journals and then,

Select five (5) technological products NOT CATEGORIES from your review that you consider to be on the “cutting edge” of technology. Give at least a ONE-page product review of each one. This is to be done in your own words. Discuss the products in terms easily understood by someone who does not have a technology background. Include how the product benefits the consumer/user and why you consider the product to be on the cutting edge. Remember to cite your sources.


Paper must be in 7th Edition APA format.




  • This is an individual task.
  • The task focuses on areas studied to date, requiring you to show knowledge and application in the parts stated.
  • You should upload a single, correctly formatted document which may also include any relevant tables and diagrams


  1. Describe carefully all the tasks of a Production Manager
  2. How do these tasks fit with the rest of the Organization?
  3. How can Production Management help to reduce costs?
  4. Explain what productivity means. Main factors impacting productivity


        Company “Premium Paper” is located near Paris. The design and print paper for           furniture applications (usually called melamine paper). Production process consists on printing raw paper. Raw paper is delivered in big rolls (700 Kgs). Production process is done in multi-stage printing machines. Each stage of the machine contains an engraved cylinder and ink. Paper runs on the different stages and the combination of all of them provides the final printed paper.
Set up times in these machines are very long (3/4 hours). This means that every time the process is stopped because of any technical issue, the costs can be enormous.
Premium paper has 6 printing lines (3 “Stoner” Machines , 2 “Rotomec” Machines and  1 “Grimaldi” Machine  (the oldest one)

Premium Paper has a highly experienced maintenance team. Every time a machine suffers a breakdown they run and try to fix it as soon as possible. However due to some unexpected failures and lack of spare parts, “Premium Paper” is suffering very serious productivity problems.

  • How should you define the maintenance process?
  • Which changes should you implement in terms of maintenance?
  • Which recommendations should you address to the Top Management with respect the machines park?


  • Wordcount: 1.200 words (for the case)
  • Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are excluded from the total wordcount.
  • Font: Arial 12,5 pts.
  • Text alignment: Justified.
  • Harvard style in-text citations and bibliography


It assesses the following learning outcomes:

  • understand the production management within operation management;
  • describe operations processes design and their management to contextualize and improve production performance;
  • assess lay out design and evaluate facility location;
  • evaluate how to elaborate a master production schedule (MRS) and material requirement planning (MRP);
  • understand quality control components and measures;
  • understand production in the global setting.








Marginal fail






Demonstrates exceptional knowledge and understanding of key concepts. Demonstrate good knowledge and understanding of key concepts- The report demonstrates a satisfactory level of knowledge and understanding of key concepts at this basic level. Demonstrates limited knowledge and understanding of the key  concepts. Demonstrates extremely poor knowledge and lack of understanding of the key  concepts.


All analytical tools studied are applied very well and highly relevant insight is drawn from them. Most analytical studied tools are applied well and relevant insight is drawn from them. Some analytical tools studied are applied well although there may be some minor misunderstandings. Some relevant insight may be drawn. Some misunderstandings may be in evidence for one or two tools. Limited insight drawn from analysis. There is almost no attempt to apply tools


There is exceptional evidence of evaluation and justification of recommendations There is some good evidence of evaluations of concepts and justification of recommendations There is some evidence of evaluation of the concepts and justification of recommendations There is little evidence of evaluation of concepts and justification of recommendations There is no virtually no evidence of evaluation of concepts and justification of recommendations


The management report is communicated extremely coherently, and referencing is accurate throughout The management report is communicated quite clearly, and referencing is fairly accurate but there are some issues in terms of spelling and structure The management report communicates the ideas in a mostly coherent way but there are some errors and some errors in referencing which are not accurate The management report is understandable but is communicated poorly and referencing is inaccurate The management report is extremely poor in terms of referencing (inaccurate or absent) and tends to be incoherent or insufficient (length) in terms of conveying ideas