Public Health-Outbreak

Public Health-Outbreak

Frontline: Outbreak

Watch the following video:  (

Answer the following questions:


(50 pts)

The Law Individual Project

Individual Liberty And Equal Protection Of The Law Individual Project

Read the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, 576 U.S. ____(2015), and write a 4–5-page paper addressing the following:

  1. Summarize the plaintiffs’ arguments that their substantive due process had been violated.
  2. Summarize the plaintiffs’ argument that their rights to equal protection under the law had been violated.
  3. Explain the Court’s ruling and any prior U.S. Supreme Court cases that may have laid the foundation for this case.
  4. Explain what societal changes influenced the Court’s decisions from the time of the 1986 Bowers v. Hardwick, 478 U.S. 186 (1986) case, in which the Court upheld a Georgia statute that criminalized homosexual sex, to Lawrence v. Texas, 539 U.S. 558 (2003), that overruled Bowers, to the 2015 Obergefell case that recognized same-sex marriage.
  5. Summarize why the dissenting justices disagreed with the majority opinion in Obergefell.
  6. Do you agree with the majority opinion or the dissenting justices? Explain why.


Oyez. (n.d.a). Bowers v. Hardwick

Oyez. (n.d.b). Lawrence v. Texas

Oyez. (n.d.c). Obergefell v. Hodges

Your assignment will be graded in accordance with the following criteria. View the grading rubric.

Digital Marketing strategies

Digital Marketing strategies


Digital marketing and social media have completely changed the face of marketing. It is not that the older tools and models no longer work (they do!) but, rather, that these tools and models need to be applied in different ways.

Digital marketing activities are performed while customers are connected to networks through various mobile devices. Among the many things that make digital marketing unique is the trigger of communication. Customers may target the business (pull communication) or the business may target the digital consumer (push communication). Digital marketing can take place through a variety of modalities including email, text, apps, and any other means by which a customer can communicate on a mobile device. Social media takes the marketer into the world of “views,” “clicks,” and “likes” as a means of ascertaining product appeal to the potential market. Digital marketing has changed the landscape of marketing activities.

When measuring the results of social media and digital marketing, we have to measure outcomes to determine the effectiveness of a general approach or campaign. If we cannot determine effectiveness, how can we possibly know if this is something we want to do again or not? In this assessment, you will gain insight on some approaches to measuring social media and digital marketing effectiveness. Unlike other areas of business operations (for example, finance), the measurements here are still evolving. However, you need to have at least a foundation for thinking about this very important aspect of marketing.


This portfolio work project, a digital marketing plan with a social media strategy, will help you demonstrate competency in digital marketing planning and measurement.


The Vice President of Marketing at MSH Brands (or at your employer or future employer company) was impressed with your marketing plan and brand presentation submitted in Assessments 1 and 2. They have now asked you to develop a Digital Marketing Strategy based on this work.

Your Role

You are a Brand Manager at MSH Brands (or at your employer or future employer company). You are being asked to develop a digital marketing strategy for a new pet food product (or new product or line extension at your employer or future employer.)


Building on your prior work this term, develop a digital marketing plan using the SOSTAC© model. Your plan must address each of the SOSTAC© elements, including:

1. Situational Analysis
  • Analyze the current situation in terms of customers, intermediaries, and competencies.
  • Conduct a thorough competitive analysis and identify what your competitors are doing in terms of Web presence and social media presence.
2. Objectives
  • Develop specific measurable objectives for a digital marketing strategy. Where do you want your company to be?
3. Strategy
  • Articulate short- (< 1 year), medium- (1 to 3 years), and long-term (> 3 years) digital marketing strategies. How do you achieve your objectives within these terms?
4. Tactics
  • Differentiate various techniques (for example, website, social media, advertising, pay-per-click, events, press releases, sponsorships) to use for implementing strategies. How will you build your sales funnel?
5. Actions
  • Develop a project plan for executing each tactic. The plan is to briefly capture your execution of the tactics.
6. Controls
  • Develop specific metrics to monitor tactics. How do you know things are going as planned? How often will you monitor the metrics?

Deliverable Format

  • The digital marketing plan must be at least 6-8 pages in length, in addition to the title and reference pages.

Related company standards:

  • The digital marketing plan is a professional document and should therefore follow the corresponding MBA Academic and Professional Document Guidelines (available in the MBA Program Resources), including single-spaced paragraphs.
  • Use at least five scholarly or academic sources, formatted per APA.


By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies through corresponding scoring guide criteria:

  • Competency 1:
  • Apply marketing theories and models to develop marketing strategies.
  • Competency 2:
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing strategies and methods.
    • Develop specific measurable objectives.
    • Articulate short-, medium-, and long-term digital marketing strategies.
  • Competency 3:
  • Use data to support evidence-based marketing decisions.
    • Differentiate various techniques to use for implementing strategies.
  • Competency 4:
  • Analyze the role of technology and social media in effective marketing strategies.
    • Develop a project plan for executing each tactic.
    • Develop specific metrics to monitor tactics.
  • Competency 5:
  • Communicate marketing needs, opportunities, and strategies with multiple stakeholders.
    • Write coherently to support a central idea with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics as expected of a business professional.


Develop an 6-8-page digital marketing strategy for a new pet food product (or new product or line extension at your employer or future employer.)




You are continuing to serve as a private economic consultant for Ruby Red Movie Theater in town. The theater would like to have your input concerning what prices they should charge for movie tickets and the average prices for concession stand items. Access the Unit II Assignment Worksheet in Blackboard. Assignment Instructions: Complete the Unit II Assignment Worksheet. This worksheet contains a series of questions concerning your reviews of the movie ticket and concession items; be sure to answer them all and put your answers in the worksheet.
Once you have completed your worksheet, use the information you gathered there to write an assignment describing your calculations, what you suggest is the equilibrium price and quantity of movie tickets and concession items for Ruby Red Movie Theater, and factors that could cause the supply and demand curves to shift. Specifically, address the information from your worksheet when writing your assignment, as well as the following:


Your assignment must be at least two written pages, not counting the references page. Be sure to include an introduction and a title page. You are required to use at least two peer-reviewed scholarly sources. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. All references and citations used must be in APA Style. Copy and paste your assignment into the Word document on the page indicated at the end of the worksheet. This means that everything for this assignment—the completed worksheet, all graphs, and the completed assignment—should be provided in one Word document that you will upload via SafeAssign.


Article review

Read the article below and then follow the instructions underneath it to complete the assignment.

Link to Library Article:
Pritzker, S., & Applewhite, S. R. (2015). Going “Macro”: Exploring the Careers of Macro Practitioners. Social Work, 60(3), 191–199. https://doi-org/10.1093/sw/swv019.

address the following:

Summarize the main points of the article.
Research the careers mentioned in the article and write a brief description of each.


  • In a 2-page paper, written in APA format using proper spelling and grammar
  • Be sure to cite your sources in APA format.

Are any of the careers of interest to you? Explain why you would or would not pursue one (or more) of the career paths as a Human Services Professional.

Social Worker

Social Worker

Please, follow all instructions, and answer the questions in the orders, thank you!

Course Reflection

As you reflect on this course, answer the following questions in your discussion.

Describe how you achieved each of the course competencies.

Initial Post

Provide at least one example of new knowledge gained related to each competency and explain how this new knowledge will impact your nursing practice.


  1. Integrate leadership and management principles and attributes in nursing practice.
  2. Use evidence-based practice to guide clinical reasoning and clinical judgement as a basis for nursing decision making.
  3. Collaborate in healthcare delivery systems settings for improved patient outcomes.
  4. Demonstrate principles of professional identity and professionalism for the nurse within the context of regulatory and practice standards.
  5. Analyze agencies that influence the provision of nursing care in the healthcare system.
  6. Formulate decisions based on the legal and ethical underpinnings that improve healthcare.


Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management

Assignment: Journal: —A Personal Perspective

Last week, you began exploring the similarities and differences of leadership and management roles and the contributions these roles make to an organization’s functioning. Social workers need to be aware of these similarities and differences in order to determine which management or leadership skills are most appropriate in a given position or situation.

This week, you have focused on the influence of external factors on an organization’s functioning with a special focus on their impact on the leadership of social workers in supervisory roles.

As you have explored leadership and management roles, skills, and behaviors, you may have become aware of how these align, or do not align, with your personal skills, strengths, and interests. You may also have begun to consider how external factors might influence you if you were to assume a leadership or management role in social work.

For this Assignment, you assess your strengths and areas for growth in order to determine what aspects of leadership and management are a good “fit” with your personality, leadership style, and relevant skills. You also address how external factors might influence you as you serve in a leadership or management role.


Complete the following:


(4–5 paragraphs)

Lauffer, A. (2011). Understanding your social agency (3rd ed.). Washington, DC: Sage.

  • Chapter 3, “Role Playing and Group Membership” (pp. 70–98)

Required Readings

Northouse, P. G. (2013). Leadership: Theory and practice (6th ed.). Los Angeles: Sage Publications

Reprinted by permission of Sage Publications via the Copyright Clearance Center.

Northouse, P. G. (2021). Introduction to leadership: Concepts and practice (5th ed.). Washington, DC: Sage.

  • Chapter 1, “Understanding Leadership” (pp. 1–24)
  • Chapter 2, “Recognizing Your Traits” (pp. 26–54)
  • Chapter 5, “Developing Leadership Skills” (pp. 127-158)





Part one

A review of an article of a current economic topic, discuss how it relates to economics 101.

Part two

A product or service use on everyday life, the factors that influence the demand of that product, the supply of that product, the supply and demand changes that affect the product equilibrium. Changes to the product demand and what drives the changes.


Two-part APA format, 1600 words



  1. Define the term “liabilities.” Be sure to include the three crucial factors/characteristics of liabilities.
  2. What is capital stock, and on which financial statement would you find information about it?
  3. What is the difference between common stock and preferred stock?
  4. What is the difference between “authorized stock” and “issued and outstanding stock”?
  5. What is the difference between a par value stock and nonpar value stock?
  6. What is meant when stock is issued at par? At a Premium? And at a Discount?
  7. What is the difference between a stock dividend and a stock split?
  8. What is the difference between cumulative preferred stocks and non-cumulative preferred stocks?
  9. What is a cash dividend?
  10. What are the journal entries for 1) declaring and 2) subsequently paying a dividend?

Chemical and Behavioral Addictions

Chemical and Behavioral Addictions

 Scholar Practitioner Project:

Many individuals who seek treatment for a chemical addiction may have an unidentified behavioral addiction as well, or it might be the other way around. It is not uncommon for individuals to experience chemical and behavioral cross-addictions, replacing one addiction with another. Some treatment approaches may be appropriate for both chemical and behavioral addictions, but some may not.

For this Assignment, review this week’s Resources. Reflect on the characteristics of chemical and behavioral addictions. Examine the similarities and differences between chemical and behavioral addictions. Consider challenges in treatment for chemical and behavioral addictions.


In a 2- to 4-page APA-formatted paper, address the following:

  • Select two chemical addictions and two behaviors of addiction and describe the symptoms of each.
  • Explain the similarities and differences between the chemical and behavioral addictions that you chose.
  • Explain how these similarities and differences pose a challenge for addiction professionals in making treatment decisions.
  • Explain any insights you gained as a result of analyzing the similarities and differences between chemical and behavioral addictions.


Gavriel-Fried, B., & Lev-el, N. (2022). Negative Recovery Capital in Gambling Disorder: A Conceptual Model of Barriers to Recovery. Journal of Gambling Studies38(1), 279–296.

Khasmohammadi, M., Ghazizadeh Ehsaei, S., Vanderplasschen, W., Dortaj, F., Farahbakhsh, K., Keshavarz Afshar, H., Jahanbakhshi, Z., Mohsenzadeh, F., Mohd Noah, S., Sulaiman, T., Brady, C., & Hormozi, A. kalantar. (2020). The Impact of Addictive Behaviors on Adolescents Psychological Well-Being: The Mediating Effect of Perceived Peer Support. Journal of Genetic Psychology181(2/3), 39–53.