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complaints of shortness of breath

Tony is a 56-year-old, Hispanic male that presented to the Emergency Room with complaints of shortness of breath, which he has been experiencing for the past two days. He states “I haven’t felt good for about a week, but couldn’t afford to miss work.” He complains of a cough, fever, and feeling exhausted. Past medical […]

The Patient Self-Determination Act

Topic 3 DQ 1 The Patient Self-Determination Act “requires all health-care institutions that receive Medicare or Medicaid funds to provide patients with written information about their right under state law to execute advance directives, but it does not require states to adopt or change any substantive laws.” (Markus, n.d.) This is great for patients and […]

What is this patient’s cardiovascular risk based on these lab results

What is this patient’s cardiovascular risk based on these lab results Discussion The 42-year-old female patient presents for follow up on lab results from her annual physical exam completed a week ago. The lab results are as follows: Triglycerides 225, LDL 170, HDL 22, HgBA1c 8.3% Patient history reveals a 20 pack-a-year smoking history and […]


Topic Hypertension For this assignment you will create an engaging, 20-minute recorded presentation of a common health problem related to a particular body system. Your presentation should include an overview of the health problem identified, an in-depth review of the associated anatomy and physiology, an overview of treatment methodologies, and information related to the needs […]

Development In Early Adolescence

The purpose of this assignment is to help teachers to better understand development in early adolescence and adolescence, and determine how they can support and guide students in development. In a 750 word newsletter written for secondary teachers, elaborate on the following issues related to adolescence and early adolescence physical development. Address the following in […]


This is a Master Degree Nurse Practioner program minimum of 350 words. With at least 3 peer review reference in 7 the edition apa style. Please do not use international references. Consider a situation in which an adult-gerontology or acute complex chronic patient exhibits symptoms of cardiovascular abnormalities related to perioperative risk factors. Summarize and […]

Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease Due on: Repeating the question in the answer does not count towards the 100+ words) Give questions some thought and answer honestly and sincerely Give examples if you have them Cite resources Worth 20 points   Assignment: Part one You are viewing social media at home when you notice one of your coworker’s post on […]

Secular Humanism vs Judeo Christian Tradition

Discussion Board #1 Secular Humanism vs Judeo Christian Tradition Part I What did you learn from Week I ideas on development of Philosophy material? ( at least one full paragraph) Part II Today we will also be reflecting on different Ethical Philosophy and Ethical Language Definitions For this Discussion Board question, I would like for you to reflect upon […]

Respiratory Attendance Questions

  Respiratory Attendance Questions Answer following questions accordingly , Use at least 3 references in APA format. 1. Respiratory illnesses account for the majority of acute illness in children.  Typically, four variables influence a child’s respiratory illness.  Describe each of these four variables and how they impact a child’s respiratory illness. 2. You are the […]

diabetic medications

Responses Module 4 # 1 Rebecca : The media examples I have chosen to discuss are regarding diabetic medications that air on television commercials or online ads. As a nurse who works with the chronically ill and elderly population, I get quite a few phone calls with questions or requests regarding medication seen through advertisements. […]