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action research project

action research project Consider the problem you have decided on for your action research project and explain your motivation for addressing this problem in terms of why it is significant to the organization. Include discussion of how addressing the problem could produce positive results for the business, its employees, and customers, and address the solutions […]

Qualitative Research article

Qualitative Research article Ten-minute presentation in class, a Qualitative Research article. Article must be peer reviewed, research study and related to the current healthcare issue/trend. Article must have been published within last 3-5 years. Identify and discuss the research question, hypothesis, sampling size, and research finding. 100-to-150-word maximum synopsis for the article, identifying the points […]

Lifelong learning

Issues And Trends Lifelong learning involves a commitment to remain current within a rapidly changing, increasingly complex, and technologically reliant healthcare world. Why is it important for nurses to commit to lifelong learning in relation to patients, organizations, and self? How can organizations such as Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) assist nurses in their lifelong […]


Article Search for an article written by an author who works within your chosen career field by: Accessing the University Library and searching by subject Using another tool of your choice As you review the article you select, consider not only what is written,  but how it is written. Make observations about the writing style and  prepare […]

sickle cell crisis

FORUM A. The nurse is triaging a 7-year-old with sickle cell crisis. The client is short of breath and vomiting and has severe generalized body and joint pains. Which assessment finding requires the most immediate intervention? 1. Blood work showing anemia 2. Enlarged spleen on palpation 3. Right arm weakness 4. Swelling of hands and […]

Collaboration In Patient Education

Collaboration In Patient Education In 300 words and 2 references 1. How has the patient’s control over his own health care changed? In 300 words and 2 references 2. What part does negotiation play in patient education?

Valuable Member Infographic

Valuable Member Infographic Scenario You are assigned to discuss your professional identity with your peers on the unit during a meeting and have decided to present the attributes using an infographic. The goal is to encourage all nurses to examine attributes and identify their professional identity to improve professionalism in the healthcare setting. As a […]

community health services

Structure And Economics Of Community Health Services Click and read the Case Study below and post answers. Answers must: Be 100 words or more Use the stand English grammar and spelling References are cited (if necessary) APA Format Many factors and events have influenced the current structure, function, and financing of community health services. Understanding […]

Health Nursing

Global Public Health Nursing: Population Health Around the Globe Community health nurses work with populations that vary from country to country, and to serve them appropriately requires an understanding of the ways in which the context in which they are located interacts with their health status and health histories. Student nurses are spending a month […]

Case Study

Case Study How would you use therapeutic communication and principles of cognitive behavioral therapy with the client? Describe your assessment process. What are some likely co-morbid conditions? List one nursing diagnosis and an appropriate nursing intervention. What interdisciplinary referrals might be appropriate?