sickle cell crisis


A. The nurse is triaging a 7-year-old with sickle cell crisis. The client is short of breath and

vomiting and has severe generalized body and joint pains. Which assessment finding requires the

most immediate intervention?

1. Blood work showing anemia

2. Enlarged spleen on palpation

3. Right arm weakness

4. Swelling of hands and feet


A.1. State your rationale including sickle crisis signs and symptoms.


B. A client is admitted to the medical surgical floor with a hemoglobin level of 5.0 g/dL (50 g/L).

The nurse should anticipate which findings? Select all that apply.

1. Coarse crackles

2. Dyspnea

3. Pallor

4. Respiratory depression

5. Tachycardia

B.1 State your rationale including signs/symptoms and assessment findings in a patient with



C. Include nursing interventions to take into consideration when taking care of a patient diagnosed

with Iron Deficiency Anemia.