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Public Speaking Please watch the following informative speech (this is not a classmate, just a YouTube video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8D5vYDEHnI After viewing, please answer the following questions What do you believe her specific purpose statement for this speech was? Based on your readings for the week, what specific pattern of organization do you feel she used? Explain […]

Survey Of US History II

Survey Of US History II While we are aware that the industrial growth of the United States at the end of the Nineteenth and the beginning of the Twentieth Centuries led to the nation becoming an economic world superpower, it came at many costs.  These cost not only had an impact on the people back […]


methodologies research Research methods used frequently in nursing can be classified in different ways. Discuss the classification of research methodologies used in nursing research. Note Please include 400 words in your initial post and 2 scholarly reference. PLAGIARISM FREE .

Cultural and Developmental Implications

Cultural and Developmental Implications for Survivors When working with any client, you must consider the impact of human development and culture. This is especially true when working with survivors of critical incidents. A 4-year-old child’s cognitive processing is different from that of a 35-year-old adult. Thus, you must be familiar with developmental stages, specifically those […]

Risk And Compliances

Risk And Compliances As an IT analyst for Dominion Online, a company providing voting solutions to a global client base, you are working to convince the organization to move its infrastructure to a public cloud. With the growth the company is experiencing, and the internal data centers maxed out, you want to get the executives […]

Effects of social media

Effects of social media on Academic Performance for College Students Project: Describe the research question you are pursuing for your final project. When drawing a statistical conclusion, what would a potential Type I error be? A potential Type II error? Why is it important for researchers to understand these errors?

Encouraging responsibility

Encouraging responsibility 1) How we might consider encouraging responsibility and being safe without creating unnecessary fear of other people. 2) Two theories that provide the best explanation for why most people who engage in criminal activity do so.

punishment philosophies

general types of punishment philosophies Identify and describe the general types of punishment philosophies. What are some of the objectives for rehabilitation programs? What are intermediate sanctions? What purposes and functions do they serve? Can punishment and rehabilitation be achieved at the same time? Why or why not? Note Respond to the following in a […]

Formation Of The New Government

Describe The Founders’ Role In The Formation Of The New Government You are living in the United States shortly after the American Revolution and have received a letter from your friend who lives in France. This friend has asked you about the changes in your country and the new government that is being formed. He is particularly […]

Government intervention in the economy

Government intervention in the economy with the intent of controlling prices Topic: Find a current news article or video (within the past 12 months) that describes some government intervention in the economy with the intent of controlling prices. Identify the parties who benefit and those who are or will be hurt by this intervention. What […]