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Religion research

Religion research The Major Religion research  must address the following: Summarize the major beliefs of that religion. Identify major religious holidays in that religious tradition. Discuss how the religious beliefs of the people practicing the religion you chose affect the health of the congregation. Compare and contrast the religion chosen with the Judeo-Christian beliefs that […]

change initiative

Organizational Change Initiative Proposal For your current organization or one with which you are familiar identify the change initiative that you will use for your Week 8 Change Management Application paper in which you diagnosis the need for change, and create a proposed action plan based on either Kotter’ 8 Step Process or The Change […]

influence of a human health

influence of a human health  The purpose of learning the ropes of policy, politics and advocacy is to influence health care or broader social agendas that influence human health.   Discuss a time where you influence health care through advocacy. Note you are expected to post 400 words  with 2 scholarly references


Marketing Instructions • Choose 4 videos from different chapters below and in at least one post write a paragraph for each video. Each paragraph should have a strong topic sentence and contain at least 5-6 additional supporting sentences. • Use  at least 4+ key terms and/or concepts from the chapter that the video is associated with to provide analysis for each video and […]

Evidence-Based Practice

Applying Research to a Case Study (Evidence-Based Practice) To Prepare Review the introductory media program for this Final Project as well as the Final Project Rubric and consider the requirements for Part 3 of your Final Project. Review feedback received from your instructor on Parts 1 and 2 previously submitted in Weeks 5 and 7. […]


An Evaluation Matrix Chart Create an Evaluation Matrix Chart in MS Excel comparing 3 technology careers for each criterion. What should be in the matrix: Three technology careers from Chapter Module 8. (i.e. system analysis, software engineer, help desk technician) to evaluate. Three criteria (all students must use these criteria). Salary – Look up the criteria […]

The standardized test

 The standardized test Standardized tests will be a part of your life as a teacher. You will not only need to know how to interpret the test results but also effectively communicate the results to parents, students, and colleagues. As a teacher, what do you need to know about standardized tests? What are your professional […]


Forecasting Walmart Stores, Inc. (Walmart) is the largest retailing firm in the world. Building on a base of discount stores, Walmart has expanded into warehouse clubs and Supercenters, which sell traditional discount store items and grocery products. Exhibits 10.10, 10.11, and 10.12 present the fi- noncoal statements of Walmart for 2013–2015. Exhibits 4.50–4.52 (Case 4.2 […]

Speaker Write-up

 Speaker Write-up Use this Guest Guidance to Write-up Speakers Note Submit a word document or pdf 3 Page Paper :–Based on Guest Speaker Presentational – 2 pages: Double Spaced, no font larger than 12 pt, standard 1-1.25” margins – Include the following elements: · Provide a brief introduction describing the purpose of the presentation. · Describe the […]

Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication Initial Post Instructions Read the lesson for this week. Then, complete the Listening Exercise in the Listen Up! section of this week’s lesson. Use this exercise to evaluate your listening skills. Then, address the following, using the provided headings to format your post: Listening Score State the results of the exercise and what surprised […]