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The Book Esperanza Rising

The Book Esperanza Rising This week you will read a section of a story from the book Esperanza Rising. The section titled House on Mango Street (pages 145-146)  is narrated by Esperanza. After reading this section analyze the  narrator of the story (Esperanza) by answering the following questions How would you describe Esperanza? Describe Esperanza’s family’s social-economic condition. How […]

BlackBerry mobile apps

BlackBerry mobile apps BlackBerry is the oldest but not necessarily the most mature. Over the past few years BlackBerry has been struggling to keep its dominance in the mobile device world, and in doing so has changed the hardware and development platforms in which applications can be created. This has created fragmentation of the BlackBerry […]

potential challenges

potential challenges Assess the culture of the organization for potential challenges in incorporating the nursing practice intervention. Use this assessment when creating the strategic plan. Discuss culture of your organizations and what are the potential problems. Write a  strategic plan defining how the nursing practice intervention will be implemented in the capstone project change proposal. […]

Professional Conduct

Professional Conduct  Choose between the following cases: Option 1 The AICPA rule on general standards identifies four aspects of professional behavior. Identify each of the four aspects and develop an example illustrating the violation of each aspect. OR Option 2  According to the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct, explain the rule on integrity and objectivity. Give examples of conflicts […]

Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement Stakeholders & Teams Read the following attachment: How Might Patient Involvement in Healthcare Quality Improvement Efforts Work—A Realist Literature Review. Watch the following video: Quality: The Process Improvement Team and Plan-Do-Check-Act (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dndmsIOrAQ) Quality improvement in health care organizations involves a system of continuously finding better approaches to provide quality patient care and service. […]

health disparity

health disparity The health care disparity is lack of insurance coverage in health care (uninsured When considering your health disparity topic, how will you evaluate your plan? What information would tell you that the plan is successful? Would you continue to monitor the success of the plan? If so, at what intervals? What would need […]


Statistics Part 1: Descriptive Statistics For this Discussion, you will perform descriptive statistics analysis on your research participants and their survey responses. In the survey, there are demographics on age, race, education, and marital status. Analyze each using the appropriate descriptive statistics. Pick either community or political service (not the open-ended questions or ones associated […]

Humanistic-Existential Psychotherapy

 Comparing Humanistic-Existential Psychotherapy with Other Approaches Understanding the strengths of each type of therapy and which type of therapy is most appropriate for each patient is an essential skill of the psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner. In this Assignment, you will compare humanistic-existential therapy to another psychotherapeutic approach. You will identify the strengths and challenges of […]


 Pathophysiology Paper You will pick a disease for your pathophysiology paper. The disease must be for one of the organ systems covered this term listed in the syllabus. Select a disease from current events that is an emerging or reemerging concern to you or people in your area. Provide local epidemiological data for the disease. […]


 violent in real life Write an outline for Speech 3, the persuasive belief speech, following the outline guidelines and formatting requirements. Note 1000-1200 WORDS https://virtualspeech.com/blog/persuasive-speech-outline-structure-delivery Topics: https://blog.prepscholar.com/good-persuasive-speech-topics Do violent video games encourage players to become violent in real life?