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leadership What type of leadership style  is used at most hospitals?  Is it effective? Give example Note please use situational leadership 1 page 1 scholarly article

nursing informatics

significance within nursing informatics Tool (e.g., computer hardware or software), and discuss its significance within nursing informatics. Explain why you chose this particular term to discuss and why you feel it is important to advanced nursing practice. Note 1 page 1 scholarly article

 The epidemiologist

 The epidemiologist If you were the state epidemiologist and it was suspected that smoke from the local toy factory was connected to adverse health outcomes among the town’s residents, what type of cohort study would you conduct to further investigate this concern? Why? What limitations exist in your choice of study? Note Remember to cite […]

Scatter Diagram

Business Statistic Scatter Diagram Scatter Diagram Analysis The regional sales manager for American Toys, Inc., recently collected data on weekly sales (in dollars) for the 15 stores in his region. He also collected data on the number of salesclerk work hours during the week for each of the stores. The data are as follows: StoreSalesHours123,300120225,600135319,20096410,211102519,330240635,789190712,540108843,150234927,8861401054,1563001134,0802541225,9001801336,4002701425,7601751531,500256 […]

financial statement

financial statement Summarizing your process and results for finding industry averages for the public corporation of COCA COLA You can search using the name of your corporation and then type industry averages or search for free industry averages ratios. You may even find a comparison of your corporation’s averages to the industry averages in the […]

Contribution of stress

Factors that contribute to stress Instructions The first step in dealing with stress is to identify the contributing factors. Briefly describe two stressors that you face in your professional life that interfere with your ability to manage time effectively. If you are not currently employed, you may use your school life. Explain the cause of […]


Finance Discuss the 2007-2008 financial crisis and what impact it had on the financial markets. Who was impacted? What caused the crisis, and how can a future crisis be prevented? Explain. What is finance? Briefly discuss how the study of finance is essential to business today. There are other areas of business, such as marketing, […]

Journal Finance

Journal Finance Instructions Now that you have a general idea about the banking system and Federal Reserve, let’s apply this information to your own financial performance. Your journal topic this week: Discuss your banking experiences. What has been challenging when it comes to banking? Is it surprising? Does your bank offer additional services, such as […]


Evolution of HTML Discuss the continuing evolution of HTML. How can you keep up with the latest developments in HTML? How do you feel about the speed at which change is occurring? Does it make you fearful that what you learn will become obsolete too quickly? Explain. What tool are you planning to use for […]

process costing

process costing Discuss the mini-case of the textbook. It is about process costing. How can the process costing method assist in the interpretation of current performance and costs management techniques? Process Costing in Real Companies [REAL LIFE] Go to YouTube.com and search for clips from the show Unwrapped on Food Network or How It’s Made […]