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Mental Health Legal and Ethical 

Mental Health Legal and Ethical  Evan is a psychiatric nurse working on an inpatient floor in a general community hospital. Mr. Girardi has been in a car accident, which has landed both him and his daughter in critical care. Because of Mr. Girardi’s extensive injuries, his physicians prescribe that he be put on light sedatives […]


side effects or contraindications Create a power-point presentation (5 slides) about the remedy “belladonna”. Please include how you took the remedy and its effectiveness. The power-point must be inviting enough to make others want to try the product. The presentation should also address any side effects or contraindications Note Research the remedy and provide evidence […]


Sustainability Write a pa per in APA format using a minimum of 700 words excluding cover, reference page and any appendices to address the following. A minimum of five reliable sources are required (see Note below). Perform preliminary research and select a product you have an interest in performing a Life Cycle Analysis on. The […]

role of cultural differences

The role of cultural differences in business communication 4.1 Discussion: Uncertainty Avoidance  (Part B) Review the internet article “The Role of Cultural Differences in Business Communications.” Paying attention to the author’s perspective on the connection between product quality and uncertainty avoidance, review the internet article “On Avoiding Uncertainty.” By the end of this workshop, read […]

Gender roles

How gender is socially constructed using cultural goods as a lens Answer the following question Let’s see how gender plays out in the consumer world and how gender is socially constructed, using cultural goods as a lens. First, let’s collect data to do this. Find two to three products online that are ‘for men’ and […]

Capital budgeting

Capital budgeting Capital budgeting can be affected by factors such as exchange rate risk, political risk, transfer pricing, and strategic risk. Select a mid- or large-sized business organization and explain how each of these factors can affect its capital budgeting. Which factor poses the greatest threat to your selected organization and why? What measures can stakeholders […]

Developing a retirement plan

Developing a retirement plan For this assignment, you take on the role of a personal retirement planner who is preparing a memo for your client. In the memo, explain to the client the financial and risk considerations that go into planning for retirement. Instructions Write a 4–5 page paper using the following instructions: Describe the importance of factors to consider when developing […]

organizational change

Changing Behaviors Instructions: Review the readings, resources, and lesson in this module. Include the items listed below: Changing Behaviors Outline how you understand the concept of Lewin’s (1947) theory of Unfreezing, Moving, and Refreezing in Armenakis et al. (2007), as applied to an example of your life and a change you had to undergo. Explain […]

Strategic Management Process

Strategic Management Process In a constantly and rapidly changing environment, developing and implementing a competent strategic plan is central to organization stability and viability.  Describe a strategic management process that can be utilized by a multinational organization to gain a competitive advantage over others in their industry and explain the importance of each stage.

concept of globalization

Globalization Globalization refers to the increasing integration of national and regional markets and economies and the domination of the world economy by massive multinational firms.  It has affected nearly every organization, and industry, in the competitive marketplace today. Detail the following in relation to the changing nature of global competitiveness: Define and explain the concept […]