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challenges faced by students with disabilities Discuss the unique challenges faced by students with disabilities and describe how you can adopt the tenets of the Christian worldview perspective to encourage a classroom culture that respects and values the individual differences displayed by all students, regardless of disability.


Couples and Family and Individual Counseling 1. Differentiate between Couples and Family and Individual Counseling. Provide a brief history of Couples and Family Counseling. What is General Systems Theory? How does this concept relate to couples and family counseling? 2. Describe the Models of family therapy as presented by the author of the textbook. 3. […]

Your Ideal Social Media Team

Your Ideal Social Media Team Imagine you are a manager at an organization that did not currently have any in-house social media staffing and did not engage in any outside sources or consulting. You have now been tasked to build a social media team/department. Describe what your recommendations for the roles, staffing, tools, policies, etc. […]


Leadership Respond to the following: Jennifer Haddad Connell How employees feel is important, and I think this includes the feeling of inclusion and value from top leadership. Attitudes within the company start with top management; it’s important the leaders set examples and promote positivity and I think think is an important first and basic step […]

Future emerging technology

Future emerging technology Answer the following questions. Note  Your answers should be submitted in a Word (.DOC or .DOCX) document. If you do not have Word, please contact me before submitting an assignment to ensure I can read/access your file type. ·Please use complete sentences and proper grammar when answering questions. · Do not copy/paste, […]

Working to Resolve Conflict prior

Working to Resolve Conflict prior Read Chapter 15 Working to Resolve Conflict prior to starting this assignment (Chapter 15 does not have its own folder within this course – lecture notes are attached) Objective: To create a self-improvement plan and to evaluate your plan. Scenario: You are a first-year teacher who is dreading an upcoming […]

clinical judgment

clinical judgment In at least three pages, answer the following questions: What do you feel are the greatest influences on clinical judgment? Is it experience, knowledge, or a combination of those things? In your opinion, what part does intuition play in clinical judgment? How do you think you’ll be able to develop nursing intuition? Instructions […]

Meaning Reflection

Meaning Reflection Write and submit your own example of a meaning reflection. Note Submit your example using helper/client dialogue.  Focus specifically on the helpers reflection.  Write a few sentences of client dialogue, followed by a helper reflection.  Try to choose a more complex meaning.  Remember, concise, surface level reflection of facts is a paraphrase.   […]

Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt

Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt Instructions Must be fully completed by 5/14/22 -these are the readings ‘Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt’: ‘’: Advertising and Violence” by Jean Kilbourne; “How to Do Gender” by Lisa Wade and Myra Marx Ferree; “From The Gender Knot: ‘Patriarchy’” by Allan G. Johnson; and “What We […]

Argumentative Research Paper

Argumentative Research Paper Remember emotion has no room in this essay. Stick to the facts to support your argument. You must include aspects of personal responsibility and decision making in the choices of your argumentative topic. In your essay you will evaluate choices and actions and relate consequences to your decision on the stance of […]